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Chad goes off on the Redskins during the show. He wants money and an apology from the Redskins for the disaster that was the game against the Eagles and for being a Redskins fan.

Listen and then give your reaction.

  1. Betrayed says:

    I can listen to this 100 times over. You’re the man Chad!

    1. effin pissed says:

      I feel the same way Chad! I would have probably destroyed some stuff in my apartment if I didn’t have friends over to watch the game. I spent money on food from Buffalo wild wings, chips and soda, and I want to send the redskins a effin bill for all of it. I had a Santana Jersey that I took off after 21-0 and it will NEVER be put back on. I have bled B&G for 38 years, I’m 41. All I could say on FB when people posted things about the game was, “What can I say, you’re absolutely right”. It’s disgustingly embarrassing!!!!! I wanna say F the skins, but I will never jump ship. I will continue to die a horrible football death yaer after effin year!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Needed says:

      I will be quoting this for the entire year. HILARIOUS QUOTES SAID LOL “I WANT REPARATIONS!!!!”

    3. rb says:

      At 46 years old, I have lived in this area since I was born. I have watched and rooted for this team since 1969. Dan Snyder, take the team public so we can all buy stock like the Packers and get the heck out of town.

    4. Delpino says:

      And now you CAN listen to it over and over!

  2. Frito Frank says:

    This is real which is why CHad is my favorite radio host, no slight to any other person. This includes Stern this guy Chad is real I love everything he does, thank you for speaking for ALL OF US!

  3. 3-4 D sucks says:

    awesome rant. go get them

  4. EXASPERATED says:


  5. Tommy says:

    This is why I ‘left’ the Skins years ago. Not a good product, stadiums awful, owners the worst.

    1. A REAL REDSKINS FAN says:

      back in 96 when JKC stadium opened .. this stadium was STATE OF THE ART .. Fedex Field is one of the best stadiums in the COUNTRY .. dont bag on the stadium .. as for the owner .. hes not the worst owner out there .. the guy shells out millions and millions of his own money to try and get the best players possible .. granted, he overpays .. but give the guy a break .. he spares no expense to try and bring a winner here

      1. Jerry Jones says:

        Really, FedFex is “one of the best stadiums in the COUNTRY” ? Are you crazy, it is a horrible stadium that was put together on the cheap. The concrete is cracking. Parking is horrendous. Traffic is worse. Just look at Jerryworld – now that’s a stadium. I know Danny-Boy is jealous. Never will a superbowl be contended at FedFex – took me two years to get one in Big D. My horofic 2-7 ‘boys are still better than the 59 points defense that is the Indigenous Persons

      2. Greg says:

        He’s spending our money you idiot, not his. Either he could care less about winning or he is the biggest idiot on the planet. He has no idea how to run this franchise. The skins will never succeed until he is gone.

  6. Disgraceful says:

    This damn team owes all the fans an apology. That’s two straight years a division opponent has EMBARRASSED us on Monday Night Football.

    1. A REAL REDSKINS FAN says:

      this team does not owe anyone an apology .. im a die hard fan just like anyone else in this area .. but this is alittle over the top .. everyone in the country is saying that we are done .. come on guys .. 3 weeks ago .. everyone was saying that the redskins were going to be a contender .. a win is a win .. a loss is a loss .. the team is still 2-1 in the division which is .. 2 MORE WINS THEN LAST YEAR IN THE DIVISION .. and 1 game behind the wild card .. stop crying about the last game .. there are 9 games left

      1. Blak says:

        Who the hell was saying we were a contender??!! Been and will be a Skins fan all my life, but even I was not that naive to think we were a contender. With who McNabb?! No, we have serious problems in our coverage D. We have a average D-line and line-backing core. (which sucks because we have some bright spots there) our O-Line has been below poor for 10 years now. (as a unit) and our quarterback is in the twilight of his years, has no real threat to throw to. I don’t know if they owe us an apology but why should we invest our all if they aren’t going to give it their all.

      2. T-Wiggy says:

        Youre an idiot. The Skis sucked and there is no excuse.

  7. Dallasfan says:

    Unbelieveable… and SPOT ON! BRAVO Dukes! This Dallas fan salutes you. Much much respect for you speaking the truth!

    1. Set it Straight says:

      Dallas Fan – you should do the same with your owner. His teams have won one playoff game in 12 years, and no super bowls for 16 years! Get rid of your maniac and the Skins will get rid of ours! Deal!

  8. Jeff says:

    Yeah, this has needed to be said for a long time. I feel used by an organization that I have shed tears over (Superbowl XVIII) that has never been interested in anything beyond what flows from my wallet. We accept the abuse because we’re all in love with what existed 20+ years ago.

  9. brent says:

    no homo but I had to hold back a few tears while listening to Chad.

  10. mikeNvabeach says:

    That was great Chad. Thanks, really. I feel you man.

  11. TTTCC says:

    Dukes is awesome! Great rant! I am with you 100%

  12. Jimmy Milstead (MilyVanilly) says:

    Amen Chad Dukes…….I feel better!

  13. Al says:


    1. Lori Moyer says:

      Dog Killer !!!!

  14. Jimmy Milstead (MilyVanilly) says:

    I have listened to this 3 times already……Chad Dukes is simply the best!

  15. Michael Corey says:

    Chad; I do not agree with all the time but today you put it on the line , and when I heard what you said today about the Skins you said what all true Fans wanted to say and I have been a Skins fan since 1970 40 years and will always be one but Last night was as low as I have been I have never been so down I want to say THANK YOU for what you said and we just have to keep the faith!

  16. Keith says:

    Amen Dukes. Heard this live and man it felt good. I sincerely hope they hear it.
    They deserve the words you speak.. Ive been a fan of this team for 30 years, the ONLY team I support. My son has sat by me, and this was the first game he actually wanted to sit and watch and they pull this crap.. What a disheartening event

  17. Tracy says:

    Chad you were spot on today.

  18. sayaintjimmy says:

    There were so many times I thought Chad was going to use an explicit. Chad said what so many were thinking, Chad was the voice of all the redskins fans. Way to go Chad.

    1. Random NFL Fan says:

      Seriously – props for not having to bleep every other word…

  19. Derrick says:

    You speak for so many fans today. Now you know the source of my rage the other day when i called on the topic whether Donovan should take Bradshaws advice, and Lavar (LOL) said Derrick “he’s coming to get you”. I wish coach shananigan would come my way, i’d send him back to denver.

  20. J Garland says:

    That is the hole truth no need to hold it back if everyone knows

  21. Mike says:

    Chad spoke for all of us!!

    1. greg says:


  22. hurt hurting says:

    chad is a great radio personality and the show barley taps into his potential but wow great stuff chad

  23. Mike says:

    AMEN! Well said! I’ve bled burgundy and gold my entire life, and not even the lowlights of Spurrier or Norv Turners era felt as bad as yesterday! Someone ressurect Jack Kent Cooke from the grave, please!

  24. fireman says:

    Down with Snyder

  25. Mister J says:

    I hope this is in the hearts of every Redskins fan. I hope the entire franchise shrivels up and dies.

  26. Dolomite says:

    Oh the tears.

    1. mistermecha says:

      HAHAHAHAHA! This was the best post I’ve seen.

  27. Orakpwnd says:

    Won’t be right till the skins are home in the city. The relationship between fan and team is hard to embrace when it’s so alienated. Pay for it Dan!!

  28. jp8 says:

    Thanks for having the courage to speak the truth, I don’t buy anything Redskins so I don’t fill Dan’s pockets.

  29. Dan Gilmore says:

    THIS! This is what local sports talk needs to have. Passion. I am not a fan of the Redskins, but hearing Chad’s passion makes me think that there is really a chance that local sports-talk radio can give a damn about local sports. If you are a fan of a team, you NEED this passion, even if you aren’t lucky enough to host a radio show.

  30. Ann C says:

    I mean that game was amazing!!! Y’all didn’t see it coming & it’s ok because you can’t win them all!

  31. Captain Speedo says:

    diarrhea cha cha cha

  32. David says:

    Listened to this 3 times and could only agree more and more every time. Dan, Mike, Donny, you should be BEGGING us for forgiveness. True skins fans should be demanding blood right now. If you’re not mad, you’re not paying attention.

  33. lakota says:

    im from NY and im a huge GMEN fan
    that being siad I cant stop listining to this !! the most passionte
    well said powerfull rant EVER ! I love it
    and I hope the sknis become relevant again so he does not ever have to feel this hurt again

  34. Davis says:

    This is real radio, true heart from a MAN that cares about radio and his team!!! As long as Dukes is here I have faith in radio!! Thank you Dukes!!

  35. Niki says:

    Unbelievable well said!!!

  36. Bill-DC says:

    Damn, this is from the heart. Way to nail it down Chad. Shanahan is crap, he’s lost this team. This is worse than anything Zorn threw out there, including Swing Gate. I can’t see this team winning another game this season.

    1. rob says:

      u guys take football way to seriously, get lives, what will u do with a lockout

  37. Pissed O. FF says:

    You literally summed up everything i thought last night during the game. I literally get shit everyday at my school from Eagles, Cowboys, Giants ect fans and it never stops. I dont think Snyder realizes how loyal the fan base is in washington or maybe he doesn’t care. Im 17 years old, i have never seen the redskins win anything meaningful during my life time, and yet im a fanatic. My entire room is decorated in redskins paraphernalia, my walls are draped with burgundy and gold, my car has redskins plates and flags, and all for what. I love the redskins, but we have witnessed a raping of one of the most storied franchises in the NFL over the last 12 years. Its like they dont even give a rats ass about anything, just a collection of over payed babies who want money. IF Dan Snyder had a brain he would have begun rebuilding the team, like every franchise has done at some point. Instead hes obessed with winning now by bringing in a collection of JOKE players who are old and useless. Everything he touches dies, dont believe me? Explain Brandon LLoyd, Ryan Clark which Chad mentioned. I bet anything that Jason Campbell leads the Raiders to the playoffs too. To watch MY team go in infront of the entire country, and play with ZERO effort, and make vick look like the greatest QB to ever play, was probablly one of the most disheartening experiences if had. Look at the Buffalo Bills, they may be 1-8, but they go out EVERY sunday, and play their GUTS out. Even our coaches suck. Anyone who knows anything about the NFL knows that the eagles love going deep to Jackson, first goddam play what happens? we all saw it coming…. except for our coaches. Im done rantine, Chad Dukes took care of most of it , MAJOR props

  38. COWBOY LARRY says:


  39. Big Flirt says:

    Is thisguy serious?! RIDICULOUS- get a life!

    1. COWBOY LARRY says:


    2. What the hell happened says:

      He does have a life. He is a professional radio host. This is a good summary of how Redskins fans feel, and he made thousands of people’s day at about 2:20 this afternoon. You get a life and care about something for once.

      1. skins fan says:

        haha. he was talking about the weirdo with the 59 lobotomies

    3. Jim C. says:

      Boo hoo hoo, I don’t have a life…

  40. True Redskins Fan says:

    Is this guy serious?! Get a life dude…. you are ridiculous!

  41. rob says:

    Keep posting .. spreading this… it must be heard!

  42. True Redskins Fan says:

    Let me pull out the violins… nowhere in history does it say you have to be a Redskins fan. Oh, let me get this straight, “Chad, you are the victim right?” Whatever, you’ve made yourself a victim by the choices YOU’VE made.

    Here’s the real question, “Would you be having this conversation if they had won last night?” If not, then can it! Nobody wants a fairweather fan. Chill dude!


    1. T-dub says:

      Thanks for this comment. Chad may have had good things to say, but him and Lavar get paid to dog the redskins. Lavar is the biggest hater and I hate the fact that they get paid to talk bad about the redskins. We got our asses whipped, hands down. I tell ya one thing though, I will be front and center come Sunday. Thats what real fans do!!!! Just my two.

  43. japhy says:

    Why did you all append the apology to the end of the segment? Weaksauce.

  44. Brent says:

    Man i love chad dukes….he speaks nothing but the truth…I can say after last night….i became a ravens fan…i have thrown all my redskins jerseys.hats. in the trash….im ravens now

    1. BillyBurgandy says:

      then u were never a skins fans to begin with and im glad your gone suckah

      1. David says:

        Did you not hear what Chad was saying? Dan Snyder has taken this franchise and run it into the ground. I agree with Chad that Brent has every right to go to a team that’s not going to constantly disappoint him on purpose. Dan is a businessman and runs the team off stats; He’s a terrible coach. Go ahead Brent, find a good team.

      2. David says:

        owner* whoops, sorry got mike and dan mixed up cause they both suck.

  45. Lions Fan says:

    Understand the frustration but dude (Snyder) paid $800m for the team; Fandom is great and all but this is a business. You can still bond with the family but don’t vest so much

  46. Boc says:

    Don’t feel bad! The players today don’t understand our passion and I glad you could have this forum to speak for us!

  47. gentlestep says:

    This is the first time, I’ve ever heard this show but that was an awesome release of the pain and anger that I share with Chad on this one. I’m so sick of hearing how much “character and talent we have in the locker room.” ” And we need a gut check” You A**holes, have been say after every stupid lost. It’s sickening. Can the Redskins EVER win an important game. On In a must win situation will we ever be able to trust that they will pull it off. I say NO. Fire them all. It’s been a decade of BS & disaster!!

  48. charles smith says:

    yo dukes that was great radio. loved the passion

  49. afds says:

    It’s football. For the love of god, it’s meaningless. Meaningless. Please. Generating this level of anger for an immaterial, inconsequential game is a symptom of something terribly wrong with your mental wellbeing. See a psychiatrist. For the love of Christ.

    1. hater says:

      Your life is immaterial. What are you a high school english teacher? Leave the big words at home when your comment has no relevancy whatsoever to the topic. Oh, and for the love of Christ, shut your mouth.

  50. BillyBurgandy says:


  51. Mijo says:

    I flew to fucking Korea for work and spent $330 on jerseys for everyone I knew straight fro the fucking factory with the promise that we wouldnt suck this year. I’m taking the shit back to get OVI’s

  52. native fan says:

    Who cares about Snyder’s skins? They’ve had scabs the whole time. Tell me one standout player after they came to the skins. Too bad I was raised a skins fan, lived in KC for 3 years, back to the skins. I decided years ago to forget about, gave it a chance again, not worth the time or money. Better things in life. If you love the team, maybe put a ban on them until the get some sense, especially Snyder!

  53. from_socal says:

    i moved to the states (annandale, va) when i was five and i’ve been a skins fan since i was seven. i still remember being ragged on by my friends who were either 49ers fans or cowboys fans during recess (doug, you and your niners can…).
    long story short, i now reside in socal (again) and on mon night after work i went straight to buffalo wild wings to catch the remainder of the game after getting a score update. why? cause i couldn’t go home since my roommate is a boys fan (from texas). i dreaded having to hear him through the walls while he cheered for the eagles. besides i didn’t want to go to jail for assault cause that’s what it would have come down too. it’s a shame. but chad, all i gotta say is thank you.

  54. Bailey says:

    I totally agree. Enough is enough! There is no reason the Redskins with all that talent on the team, they should not run the division. I’m die hard unfortunately and will continue to cheer for them every season, but am embarassed every season as well. Dan Snyder needs to play this speech for the eintire locker room and let them know how it is. They need to hear this and how we feel. Eagles are not that good, they got talent, but they are not a team that should have left the Skins looking like a college team. Honestly, it almost felt like they were paid off to lose that game. I love the fact that Snyder is willing to spend he money to get a winning team, but something is not right??

  55. Hatch Burrito says:

    Remember these emotions and file them away for the offseason next time the team mortgages its future for a washed up player. Every season Skins fans have a new reason to hate team management but always get right back on the bandwagon when Haynesworth or McNabb gets signed. Snyder is making plenty of money with this joke of a franchise doing the same thing every single year–please just stop supporting him. The boycotts last year were refreshing but seem so far gone. All was forgiven when Vinny was fired. But then the team did what its always done when it traded picks for McNabb. Nothing will change until Snyder realizes he can’t dupe the fans every single offseason.

  56. dontwanttolovethem says:

    Thank you Chad! Thank you for saying waht ever die hard Skins fan felt after Monday night. Jack Kent Cooke was rolling over in his grave on Monday. It sucks to have such love for what was and not sure if we will ever have a what will be.

  57. Nino says:

    I don’t know you Chad….but this is DEAD ON!!!! I was totally embarrassed in a crowded sports bar in Ga. I took my jersey off and put it back in my vehicle….I’m still sick to my stomach…I’m a DC boy born and raised and NEVER EVER ride with another team…but this is really unnerving

    1. rat492 says:

      Yeah, the 81 came off too! brother! I stopped watching at half time! Embarassed!

  58. Redskins Girl says:

    Well. I thought I did a good job handling the loss on Monday. I didn’t rant or rave like usual about them getting beat down. All I could do was watch and laugh because it was just so awful. After getting to work on Tuesday and hearing some of the comments I heard from Cowboy fans and others who don’t even have a team, I just lost it. Bottom line is no matter how mad we get our team has got so many issues on so many levels. Until they are actually addressed at the ownership, coaching and playing levels and we stop changing everything around, this is how it is going to be.

  59. rat492 says:

    Im in the Army for 17 years now, if I did my job they way they did, lives would be at stake! They embarassed not only themselves, but their fans as well! Well said Chad!

  60. Cide says:

    Gentlemen that is real talk.

  61. Ashley Jump says:

    Agreed! That was a total embarrassment. Dan Snyder is responsible for most of this. I’m not saying all of it but his ass needs to go down the road. Doing freakin commercials with his our arch rival’s owner. Really? I couldn’t of said it better myself! AMEN!

  62. Justen says:

    Chad, you are the man dude! I am the exact same way…born in Georgetown, have lived in the same house in Fairfax Station since I was 4, before then lived in a house right down the street. Both my parents were born and raised in South Arlington and my grandparents owned farms in Burke, VA since the 1930’s. Unless one has grown up like us, they don’t understand where we are coming from. The Washington Redskins are not a team a I root for, they are a lifestyle. The bloggers make me sick with their comments, because none of them live the Skins lifestyle, they were just hired to write about them. I can’t defend the Skins anymore as their s***ing the bed has gone on too long. Here it is 2 days after the game and I am still at a loss for words. All I can say is keep using your voice on air to speak for Redskins Nation!!! Keep up the great work fellas!!

  63. Lisha says:

    The EAGELS have landed, attacked and left the Redskins carcasses on the field! 59 of them LMAO!!!!!!


    1. Frank says:

      Ah, don’t the Eagles hate the Cowgirls more than the Skins? And you still have to play them twice…Can’t wait!!

    2. Lori Moyer says:

      Cowboys…someone worse than the SKINS…LOL

    3. Nina says:

      Yes, I don’t think we Cowboy fans should be happy another team is doing what we should be doing. Shh.

  64. Jeff says:

    Chad, you hit home with me on this one. The point where you talked how you and your family didn’t have much in common, but you all had the Redskins. It is the same with my family. It’s the one area my father, brother and I can talk on. It was my favorite segment since listening to the show to date.

  65. Heather Farewell says:

    I totally agree….I’m just really sad. And the fact that Michael Vick had anything to do with it kills me.

    1. LtAguado1971 says:

      I agree!!!!

  66. DC Fan 4life that is Dallas Cowboys!! says:

    The EAGELS have landed, attacked and left the Redskins carcasses on the field! 59 of them LMAO!!!!!!


    1. Jr says:

      Dude you in last place

  67. Justin says:

    Ok this was pretty good, but I got really tired of hearing “Get ’em!” a million times. Very distracting. I miss the Big O and Dukes show we used to have here in Phoenix. Come back!

  68. BUCKNUBE says:

    When will Dan Snyder ever realize enough is enough and i suck as being an owner i could turn that whole team around if i ran it because as a die hard fan i realize what we need to win and that WEAPONS!!!!!!. We have old player and no fast receivers except brandon banks and they have him on kick off and he can play WR. The offense sucks and the defense can’t hold a team from scoring when we are ahead. The whole team needs to be rebuilt. If Mike Shanahan is supposed to be our teams savior then he needs to step up and tell snyder it time to buy a new team or something. These stupid contracts need to stop also how can you offer a QB who isn’t performing to his best ability all of this money. I promise one day im going to say fuck this team and jump ship because Snyder is a retard. The fans know what this team need to win HEY SNYDER JUST LISTEN TO US FOR ONCE. OH ONE MORE THING STOP GETTING RID OF OUR DRAFT PICKS WE COULD HAVE REALLY USED DEVIN THOMAS ON MONDAY NIGHT DUMB ASSES.

  69. BUCKNUBE says:

    When will Dan Snyder ever realize enough is enough and i suck as being an owner i could turn that whole team around if i ran it because as a die hard fan i realize what we need to win and that WEAPONS!!!!!!. We have old player and no fast receivers except brandon banks and they have him on kick off and he can play WR. The offense sucks and the defense can’t hold a team from scoring when we are ahead. The whole team needs to be rebuilt. If Mike Shanahan is supposed to be our teams savior then he needs to step up and tell snyder it time to buy a new team or something. These stupid contracts need to stop also how can you offer a QB who isn’t performing to his best ability all of this money. I promise one day im going to say fuck this team and jump ship because Snyder is a retard. The fans know what this team need to win HEY SNYDER JUST LISTEN TO US FOR ONCE. OH ONE MORE THING STOP GETTING RID OF OUR DRAFT PICKS WE COULD HAVE REALLY USED DEVIN THOMAS ON MONDAY NIGHT DUMB ASSES.

  70. Greg says:

    Chad – you are so correct. I identified with so much of what you said. My Dad passed away in 2000 and was a huge Redskins fan, and my Mom passed away on Christmas Day, 2007. She had COPD/emphysema, and in the hospital, she would only be able to get out one very whispered word once every several minutes, and so we had to guess at what she was trying to ask or what she was trying to say. It took so much effort for her to get one word out. She kept saying the word “Red”, and we said a few times, “No Mom, it’s not Christmas yet”, thinking that’s what she was asking – as she had been unconscious for a couple days. We thought maybe she wasn’t entirely sure what day it was. She would only shake her head at our guesses of what “Red” meant. Then, it occurred to me what she might be asking, and I said, “Mom – are you asking if the Redskins won?” And she smiled and nodded her head ‘Yes’ in a very excited gesture. And we all laughed and said, “Yes Mom, they won.” They had beaten the Giants in an away game on December 16th. Hospice was called in shortly after, and as I mentioned, she passed away on Christmas Day. Your rant said alot of what I think all of us are feeling. I don’t know that the Redskins organization really understands anymore what part of our lives they have, and I don’t know that they respect it. They are so much a part of our lives that, literally, while people are dying they are still thinking about that Redskins. I did not get season tickets this year, because last year it just became too much for me to spend my Sundays fighting traffic to get to MD (I live in Northern VA), paying all the money, etc…to see a team in that shape. The loss struck the exact same chord with me, Chad….I thought, my Mother was dying and wanted to know if you won. The Redskins are not good enough for that anymore, and haven’t been in a long time. Still a fan, but very sad by this continuing situation, and sick of seeing opposing fans fill our stadium. But for now, I’m sure not going to go see that mess.

  71. (reluctant) Browns fan says:

    Tell ’em ’bout it, Chad. Snyder is wreaking the same havoc on the Skins Modell did on the Browns. If Snyder wants to see his future, all he has to do is look to Lake Erie. Snyder, admit you don’t know everything, get good people in your office, and LISTEN to them.

  72. aj in chicago says:

    yo dukes, i’m a skins fan for life, my dad, now deceased, took me to superbowl 17 when i was 8, i didn’t miss a skins home game since from age 6-23 when i moved to chicago. i tore grass out of the endzone at the last game at RFK and kept it for 7 years in my house. i sat in a bar, alone, in Chicago, 11 years ago and asked the manager to put on the skins vs. cardinals game when petitbon was coaching a 2-13 (i think?) team. The guy looked at me like i was insane. Your feelings are shared by many.

    It is a cultural problem which starts with leadership/ownership. Snyder has ruined a once proud organization. The NFL is full of talent, it’s a given. A collection of talented people is a nice start, but not the answer. It’s like collecting pieces of a puzzle, it doesn’t matter if you have them all if you have no idea what the puzzle picture is. It’s like having all the relevant information and none of the answers. The difference in this league, really in any successful organization (not just sports) is Culture. Culture creates a good organizational structure, a good organizational structure attracts good decision makers, good decision makers…well…make good decisions and bring in the right players and coaches, the right coaches put the right players in a position to perform and win and the right players behave with integrity, play hard, are disciplined and have pride…let me know which of those boxes the Redskins organization can check.

    1. JD says:

      Come to Maeve on Wrightwood (between Southport & Racine) in Chicago. The only Redskins bar in Chicago

  73. dfdf says:

    CHAD should be the new OWNER!!!! Who’s with me?!?!?!

  74. BIG TOM says:


  75. Mack Heywood says:

    This is the greatest most truthful rant about the deadskins I have ever heard. I APPLAUD YOU FELLOW BRUIN! I like you grew up on this team, became a fan before Lombardi coached them and have wached this jackass owner destroy this franchise.

    I have sent this to everyone I know. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!! YOU ARE A TRUE HERO OF THE WASHINGTON REDSKIN FAN!!!!

  76. Goat says:

    At the risk of repeating myself from my comment on On Frozen Blog:

    Dukes articulated EVERYTHING that my mounting apathy has been holding down over the last few years.

    I had my rant similar to his (to no one in particular) during the season after they hired Al Saunders to come in and completely undermine the momentum that carried the Redskins to the playoffs in 2005. I had finally reached the boiling point. Since then I have had to guard myself against even caring. Looking back, I should have done so a lot earlier.

    I never wanted to become one of “those fans.” I wanted to keep on drinking the burgundy Fla-Vor-Aid. But every sip now tastes like Dan Snyder has relieved himself in it.

  77. Suck it up says:

    As a Lions fan I have no remorse for Skins fans. Call me after your team folds it up for 10 straight years instead of one game. You know nothing about watching a bad NFL team.

    1. bp says:

      Hats off to Chad. Close to 20 years here. How many years of season tickets have you bought to support your team? Have you missed a game? The first bad sign was Billy Ray Cyrus. Bill Hicks was right. He killed us before the game started. I hope Billy Ray and his demon spawn move to Detroit. If you’re lucky, you’ll just have one of them butcher the National Anthem on your fake turf.

  78. Greg says:

    I was at the game. Got there early. I thought it was weird that the Fed Ex crew were wearing Green – the Fed Ex crew was wearing GREEN!!!! GREEN!!! Who’s idea was that?! It was raining and I was cold so I went into the team store to buy a warm garment and the prices were ridiculous! RIDICULOUS and really on some level insulting. Nothing was moving either – what a joke. Everything sucked that night from the game down to the vending.

    Common denominator – DAN SNYDER

  79. Jamie says:

    Chad…I. Think. I. LOVE….YOU!!

  80. Ron says:

    Chad….I don’t even have the words… da’ man!!!!!

  81. Embarrassed says:

    I couldn’t agree with Chad more. I was also born in Alexandria Hospital… HALF TIME OF A REDSKINS AND EAGLES GAME IN 1987…. Its the exact same deal with my father, and my grandfather who passed away before this year started. I’m sure had he survived through this year it would be the first time in his 80 year life that he would think about jumping ship… and thats saying a lot…..

  82. Rob says:

    I thought Chad’s rant, despite being very raw, was on point. I do not agree that the Skins (players/owners, etc.) owe fans money. However, they do owe us effort and respect, as fans try and provide them through all of the ways that Chad described. Like it or not, the Skins represent a greater community, and they need to remember that on and off the field.

  83. Green&White says:

    U Mad?
    What about all the other teams that are losing, and have worse records?

  84. Adam says:

    I’m a Carolina Panthers (1-8) fan and heard “the Rant” via another blog. I just wanted to say I felt like Chad was channeling something I was feeling, but couldn’t articulate myself.

    This is just a game, I get that. But I spend my very limited funds on *this* product. I spend my very limited time on *this* product. It rips my guts out.

  85. toddbowles23 says:

    lavar is annoying on this. just piping in meaninglessly

    1. odin says:

      That’s what he usually does…. not very intelligent.

  86. JB says:

    Chad lives in my neighborhood. Damn those skins sucked!!!!!! Ruining my boy Mcnabs Career.

  87. Hispanicbro77 says:

    I feel you man. The Steelers can say it was just one game with the way they played against the Patriots. The skins cant. I love the Skins, but I have family in Pittsburgh so I like them too. Im swaying to Pittsburgh more and more every year.

  88. CW says:

    What an idiot and loser……get a life!

  89. Colin says:

    Well Said Chad . I am a Skins fan from the UK and have followed Washington since the Days of Riggins, Clark, Monk, Sanders Butz, Warren and the rest of the Hoggs, Etc Etc. I admire the honesty of your feelings. I used to have to follow the skins when the only coverage was on the US armed forces radio which used to have terrible static, can’t tell you how bad the reception was- but have loved the skins since the 80’s and I have unfortunately had to watch the awful demise of the franchise since the last super bowl win- what would the Kent Cook’s have thought about what has happened to the wonderful franchise since they sold out ! Chad,well said on behalf of all Redskins fans’ Far and Wide- Let’s hope we see the answer and reply we want in the teams actions against Titans !!
    Best wishes to all you Loyal Fans out there- hope to come over and meet you Guys one Day !!
    Colin from Shrewsbury Shropshire, England – UK

  90. nick says:

    i live in toronto and there’s many of us that live here feel the same way about our beloved leafs…
    i though this was great and we could use it in toronto and just replace washington with toronto and dan snyder with MLSE.

    Stupid ownership with more money than brains signing old fucks that do fuck all..well said

    how about a trade you’ll get the argos and we will take the capitals ….lol

  91. Greg says:

    Listen to this!!! Crazy!!

  92. Spoody says:

    Im a Cowboys fan and I think you Chad are an American mother fucker. That was awesome.

  93. Preach Chad says:

    I love this!!! This is so true. Stop giving them our hard-earned money! Money speaks. If we want changes, then we have to be the change…if we stop giving them our money, if we stop paying for the gas in Dan Snyders plane then maybe we will finally get the results we seek.

  94. LtAguado1971 says:

    Kudos to Lord Dukes for his comments – someone had to say something loud and proud. GOOD JOB CHAD!!!

  95. Ted of the Horde says:

    Haters: Chad Dukes is absolutely right. It is not debatable. If Skins are upset about it, then win.

  96. MERC 24 says:

    Hell…..F-ing Yeah Chad! I waited for 18 f’n years to get my season tickets, and finally got them in the 2000 season….So I have had nothing but crap to see live (other than Lavar of course)
    I am damn close to letting my seats go for sure!

  97. Fred says:

    Dude, it’s only football. Calm the hell down.

    1. Nikhil says:

      You know what? It could be a whole lot of things to other people who support HOME. When you think of home, you think of wonderful things, you think of support, happiness, progress, if you will. Sure, it IS just a football game televised for the nation. But please, think about what other people view this as. It’s hope. Tell the same thing to the City of Cleveland.

  98. Jennifer Diamond says:

    This is more than a little over the top, this guy needs to calm down.

  99. Victor says:

    Chad has opened my eyes. It hadn’t quite sunk in how much Snyder has played us for fools ever since he bought this team. I’ve been a fan since I was a wee lad, when Bill Austin was the coach, and this rant was just a smack in the face with the frozen cod of reality. I still love the team and I’ve always hated the owner, but no more shrugging it off saying, “Wait till next season.” “Next season” will just be the same old joke as long as Snyder owns this team.

  100. Cheerleaders says:

    Soooo true. What’s even more sad is their cheerleaders have won awards, been featured in magazines, been on National News, been voted the hottest cheerleaders in the NFL, practice their asses off, make LIFE sacrifices for the organization, and earn $75 a game. SO, THEY STOOD OUT THERE IN THE COLD RAIN UNTIL MIDNIGHT WITH SMILES FROM EAR TO EAR FOR $75. Their 10 game salary is approximately .00001875% of McNabb’s guaranteed $40 million (not even including the full contracted amount). Sickening.

  101. Born & Bred Skin's Fan says:


  102. B. Crossland says:

    As a season ticket holder I agree with you 100%. Get ’em Chad!

  103. Mike O says:

    I heard it live and couldn’t wait to get home to hear it again. Chad, you captured the heart and soul of real skins fans. My dad taught me the game when I was 6 years old…We listened to ALL the home games on the radio because they were blacked out locally in 1972…I’ve been a Skins fan ever..Whether it was Edward Bennett Williams or Jack Kent Cooke running the team, the PASSION was always there. That’s what you brought to our remembrance.

  104. NBTD Sufferer says:

    You should tell them to go to Dallas

  105. Biff says:

    Holy smokes, imagine if this guy finds out there are real problems in the world

    1. Emily says:

      hahaahahahahhah I agree with him 100% but hell, you have a point here

  106. rachel says:

    Chad, I love you for screaming all the things I have wanted to scream for so long. You are the best!

  107. Glenn Hughes says:

    I feel you Chad. I lived in Alexandria for 3 years and I know the only fans that have stuck with their team through thick and thin as much as me and my fellow Packer fans are Redskin fans. Its a great football city with a schmuck at the helm.

  108. LincLizard says:

    Props to you Chad. As an Eagles fan I have nothing but respect for you. Most if not nearly all radio hosts are concerned about one thing: Keeping people listening. That’s why so much radio discourse is contrived and manipulative. You did not go down that road yesterday. Your rant was 100% completely authentic and a fully honest expression of how you really feel and anyone lisening could easily understand that. I’m also sure you were speaking for thousands of Redskins all over the country. Good job, Chad. You deserve better.

  109. Bryan says:

    Amen Chad! I say we boycott the next home game to send a message to Snyder because that’s the only way to get to him. #21 R.I.P !

  110. Mike O says:

    Chad I cannot tell you in words how much I appreciate what you did yesterday. I heard it live and could not wait to get home to hear it again online. My dad taught me the game in 1972 when I was 6 years old. We listened to the home games on the radio

  111. Justin Muse says:

    great clip love a guy who is passionate about his team keep it up chad

  112. Brendan says:

    Dont always agree with you, but spot on here. SPOT ON! Well Done!

  113. ddawatson says:

    Chad — you are so right!. Go boy!! Long term – 40 year fan — I was laughing from minute 1 AT MY TEAM Monday night. You have expressed my thoughts exactly.

  114. Kareem says:

    I thought I could hold back tears listening to this but I couldn’t! No homo…everything that I’ve been feeling came out through you and I just want to say THANK YOU!!!!!

  115. The truth says:

    I think this is why all true Skins fans love Chad Dukes, he’s the true voice of loyal, lifelong fans who can barely remember how to hold our heads high. Thank you Chad.

  116. EaglesFan4Life says:

    I am a life long Eagles fan, but I’m not hear to gloat. Chad hit the nail on the head, and I miss the days when the Eagles Skins matchups actually meant something. I hope Dan Snyder sells the team, and I hope donovan does well in the future there.

  117. Buster says:

    So when do you go into therapy? 500 bucks for a ticket? What the …..? You need help! Have you seen the movie called, Fan?
    What’s the matter U? Your only solace is that the Cowboys are 2-7. I suggest that you start drinking heavily.

  118. Steve says:

    Awesome Chad, awesome.

  119. Buster says:

    Is medical marijuana legal in DC?

  120. Booooo says:

    I am a die-hard Redskins fan (I’m becoming convinced I’m one of few) have lived my whole 22 year life listening to this team get bashed from friends, family, and coworkers, but until Monday night I had NEVER thought about giving up on them. I had the misfortune of watching the game with an Eagles fan who was really rubbing the score in, dancing around and hollering. After a certain comment of his I stood up, grabbed him by the jersey, and came really close to socking him in the mouth until friends stepped between us. Looking back, I am absolutely ashamed of myself- if my team doesn’t have the pride to fight on the field for the millions they make, why should I ever fight for them off of it for the hundreds I spend? Listening to this rant is the only thing that has gotten me out of the gutter, but I can’t say for sure if I’ll watch any more games this season. As far as I’m concerned, it’s hockey season. Go Caps!

  121. Lsteezy says:

    I dont blame Chad…….this was an effing disgrace……im sick of this crap…….I never get my hopes up with this team anymore…..every effing week its the same sh#t………we cant build a winner to save our lives

  122. i cant take it anymore says:

    somebody get this shit to fucking Snyder.

  123. Jobbed says:

    Preach it, brother!

  124. chip downng says:

    awesome Chad…!!! way to call em all out…

  125. J says:

    I just heard what Wise and Kush said, i totally agree with Chad, i heard the few fans that called in, saying chad isnt a true fan, and giving up after 1 game! YOU FREAKING IDIOTS!! Its not about 1 game! Its about the tenior since Snyder! Just that game really blew the lid off the boiling point! Not one game (KEL) Chad and other fans are loyal, but he is right, Snyder uses our loyalty for his own profit! Chad you hit it on the button, any real FAN would feel the same way! Wise, Kush you guys are complete morons, i cant even stand hearing them talk, Wise can write some good posts, but when that guy talks, its like listening to studdering retard. Much Respect Chad!

  126. Louie ellmore says:

    Chad you hit it right on the head. Anybody who knows me knows I am a diehard fan and I wear something with the redskins everyday and last night was the first time in 37 years I thought of getting rid of some of my stuff. Chad thanks for saying what I wish I had the opportunity to say. God Bless.

  127. Deeyo says:

    this guy is a joke… say goodbye to your career outside of DC….you are stuck in this market after that rant with a small niche audience who likes yelling lunatics….Chad Dukes yelling like a scorned raving lunatic…a FANATIC… how am I supposed to take his opinion seriously as a “objective sports talk host”??…..this whole rant was bush league and embarrasing….Tony Kornheiser or even the Junkies do something like this? lame and contrived

  128. skins fan says:


  129. Ashley says:

    Damn Straight! I agree with everything that he said. My whole family are die hard Skins fans and this was a total embarrassment for the true fans. I am not passionate about too many things but the Skins are for sure one of the things I back no matter what. I even have a Skins tattoo. I am by no means giving up or switching teams but I do think that Snyder needs to carry his ass. Let him do his commercials with his bitch ass friend Jerry Jones. I am so disappointed and FED UP with the shit that has been going on in Washington for the past well…since the damn 80’s. Where are the signs boycotting Snyder at the games? If I could even afford to go see a game and spend $200 to seat in the 400 section you better believe I’d be sneaking in signs to tell Snyder that he is not wanted and his nothing but a rich prick!

  130. CUPCAKE0315 says:

    I pray that from Dan Snyder down to the players I pray that they listen to this and do it, turn in their checks and quit! I wish he would sell the team to someone who truly cares about The Washington Redskins as much as the fans and isn’t just out to rob us of our hard earned money! Chad I love everything that you just said I feel you I was hure I waited until halftime to leave just hoping… I couldn’t imagine being any other fan but a REDSKIN FAN but they make it awefully hard I refuse to pay for another ticket to another game while we have this team & this owner!

  131. Murphy says:

    Chad, agree 100%. Go Birds. And Bickle is a DB.

  132. Stewy24 says:

    My brother sent this link to me… I unfortunately live in Las Vegas now. I have been a Skins fan for as long as I can remember (I’m 27), and never have I seen such an embarrassment to the game of football as I witnessed on Monday night. You are right when you say what do we say to people—- My roommate and best friend is from Philly, and is an Eagles fan.. He had to wear my Skins jersey and drink a beer out of my Skins mug last game… now after that whooping I have to wear his Eagles shirt… and get Iced! out of his Eagles mug… (thats drink a Smirnoff Ice) for those that dont know what ice is. I had no words to say to him, in fact I stopped watching the game as soon as House came on because I was so disgusted! We have a large amount of Redskins fans here in Las Vegas…. and the town just seemed a little dead after that game! Thanks a lot “Al Davis”… I mean Dan Snyder!!!

  133. Adam Banig says:

    I don’t need an apology, I need a beat down of the Titans this weekend. I just need them to show me they care as I do. Their apology will be in the form of bouncing back, going on a run and winning 9, 10 or even 11 games this year. I know we have the talent to do it, we just need to man up!

    1. JON says:

      Wow- what planet are you living on? “I know we have the talent to do it, we just need to man up!” They are 3-13 team without Mcnabb and a 6-10 with him. They have the worst offensive line in the league, below average receivers, mediocre running backs and a defense which relies on the bend but don’t break philosophy. You saw last monday what happens when they break. Read Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post quoting Riggo on WTOP. His assessment is the accurate one and its not pretty. WAKE UP!!

    1. Nikhil says:

      You’re an ass. Seriously? Have some respect FOR THE FANS. We put up with your bullshit as it is. Have some class you ass hat.

  134. Schwartzy says:

    Greatest radio I’ve heard in a LONG time. Dukes articulated EXACTLY what most Skins fans feel year after year. New defensive scheme is retarded, we have no O line or receivers, McNabb is a great leader/person but he’s old & busted (got canned for a reason), etc. The offense is a joke. These guys get paid way too much $$ for what they show out on the field every week. I can’t remember the last time we actually dominated a team. Haynesworth laying on the field while the play was still going summed it all up for me. Well done Chad!

  135. matt says:

    I can find you a number for a good therapist

  136. Brian says:

    Dukes is at his best when he is the lead guy on the radio show. He’s pissed like this and is on a roll and just doesn’t care about Lavar which is great.

    Lavar has to the be the worst sports talk radio host in history. I listen to a lot of radio, I love dukes (or I used to on his old show), and I literally have to turn the station when these guys are on because of him. He says “that being said”, “at the end of the day”, and “it is what it is” at least 20 times each per hour. He is a few small steps above Portis in his mastery of the English languauge and even less informative or entertaining. He is not funny, nor does he do good interviews. And all he does in this rant is add NOTHING. he should have shut up.

    I can’t wait til they bag Lavar, I hope Dukes doesn’t go down with him.

  137. Amar Kalelkar says:

    Chad Dukes, dude, ON THE HEAD!!! ON THE HEADDD!!! This was the most brilliant rant I’ve ever heard on the radio, ever, … ever, EVERRRRR!!!

  138. Peter Berger says:

    Chad, I am a Redskins fanatic in AZ, I love my team, and this is the definition of pain. I couldn’t have said it better myself. And not only do I take grief from Eagles, Cowboys, and Giants fans DAILY, I take grief from EVERYONE in my area and it NEVER stops! I can’t take it anymore and Monday was almost as bad as the 45-12 game a year ago. I am DISGUSTED with the performance on Monday. I said it once on a freelance radio show I do and I’ll say it again, they pissed on their logo. I blindly and passionately defend this team on a daily basis, and what do I say now? This was the point of rock bottom. How many more times are they going to insult me with their performance on the field. I was born seven months after they won their last Super Bowl. The team I signed up for, was that one, I didn’t sign up for this.

  139. says:

    I 100% agree with Chad. I am a die-hard Redskins fan for many years and have never turned off a game of theirs until Monday night. They should have never let the Eagles win, let alone by a score like that. They must have left their brains in the lockerroom because they sure were not playing with any. I’ve seen better games played by kids! That was a very disgusting game to watch and unfortunately, to remember.Oh, I happen to live in Philadelphia too.

  140. Nikhil says:

    You know when you’re in pain? You wake up with an empty feeling. Your head hurts. You don’t have a plan. Watching this team is all of that times 10, for every year we’ve just ____. That’s what’s it’s come to. I’m at a crossroads. I have 70th anniversary colored basement walls, newspaper clippings in PILES of us…the last game of the 07 season on my DVR, when we beat Dallas by 21 points and it was to get into the playoffs and we won for ST. What is all of that worth? Pain? It’s embarrassing. I’d rather give up football than try to root for another team. That’s how much pain I’m in. And yeah sure there are a lot of terrible things in this world, but when you put stock in your backyard, in your region, in your part of your community and expect it to give you a smile on your face so you can face all the calamity in the world…and this is how it repaid you? You’d be in pain too.

  141. Cowboy all the way says:

    You have anger issues. See what the deadskins do to you! You need to be a Cowboys fan and relax. America’s Team, apple pie and miller lite.

    1. DallasDiva says:

      Loved this!!!

      1. rachel says:

        yah, cuz the cowboys are tearin’ it up in the NFL this year………

  142. Paul says:

    I agree they played like a bunch of overpaid losers

  143. DRKLAPA says:

    Well done Chad.
    For all of you who think Chad is fair weather or “Bush League” go back to your butt kissing radio. Chad is obviously a passionate Redskins fan whether they are good or bad and after Monday he has every right to be hurting. It was a poor performance. As an Eagles fan I completely feel his pain. We have been getting let down forever.
    The only thing I disagree with is him saying its ok to jump ship.
    Petition to get Snyder to sell.

  144. Bobby says:

    Instead of us spending so much money on tickets and merchandise every season…let’s have every skins fan pool together their money…get $500 to $1000 from each fan and buy back the team from Danny boy. It will be fan-owned and the fans will vote on the team decisions.

  145. GBralta says:

    It’s the Redskins, Why you so mad, bra?

  146. tre says:

    i love it go dallas

  147. Dawkins#20 says:

    I’m an all out Eagles fan, and I gotta say Chad Dukes you are absolutely right and God bless ya man. I couldn’t possibly agree more with you and keep up the good work

  148. JD says:

    Nice rant, Chad Dukes. Great commentary. BTW, I will say that I heard the show today (before actually hearing this) and heard Mister Self-Righteous, Lavar Arrington talk about how he was quiet and let Chad rant because he understood his passion and how he was expressing himself; however, after actually listening to it, I heard him insert himself after every Duke’s sentence. Makes me more realize what a blowhard Arrington is. I respect Chad for his passion. Arrington is phony. BTW, the expression is “All I know…” not “Alls I know…” Doofus…

  149. DallasDiva says:

    I am a Dallas fan… FROM DALLAS… I love living here in DC. I am a die-hard football fan as well. And if there is one thing I have learned about this GAME is that “BullSh*t Happens”.

    The area is a great place for a football fan to be. Skins fans aren’t jerks like Eagles fans. The competition is totally fun, the ribbing and whatnot is great. However…. this rant by Chad was RIDICULOUS.

    I cannot think of a team in the NFL that hasn’t had a crap game or an embarrassing moment- Dallas has had em, Philly has had em, NYG has had em, and the REDSKINS are NO DIFFERENT.

    If you have a problem with a sports entertainer making more than a teacher, or a policeman, or {insert blue collar job here}, then go play football. Wait…. you can’t.

    EXACTLY. Get over it. You sound like a child Chad. You weren’t making valid points. You sounded ridiculous. THIS IS A GAME. This is not life!

    I am sure that a kid flippin burgers right now thinks he can do YOUR JOB as well… probably can if ranting about one GAME is what your job entails.

    1. Let's buy our team back!!! says:

      Did anyone ask for a Dallas fan to comment???!!!

  150. Dan says:

    I called my son in Chicago today to see how he was doing and he told me he was listening to the Chad Dukes rant.Your voice is being heard across the country. Go Chad.

  151. Muckbeast says:

    Brilliant rant, Chad. Absolutely brilliant.

    I was lucky enough to live and go to school in DC for their last 2 super bowls (when I was in 10th grade, and when I was a sophomore at Georgetown University).

    Even after I moved away from DC, I’ve remained a fan of the Redskins, and its been nothing but disappointment since then.

  152. Sad says:

    sounds like the Red Sox fans before they won in 2004.

  153. mike says:

    zzzzzz. Taking this shit way too seriously.

  154. kO says:

    Springfield, VA represent Chad’s the MAN

  155. cliff claven says:

    Here’s the worst highlight (or lowlight) from Monday night:

    Er…that was from a different Monday night. Same story; different year. Enjoy it losers.

  156. john says:

    same with the wizards….year after year

  157. Jr says:

    Chad I’m working in the Philippines I listened to the game online. After watching Pacman and his loyal fans be so proud of their sports hero I was hurt. I remember how it felt to have pride in your home team. As a lifetime Skins fan and dealing with all the fake cowboy and steeler fans in the area up until last night I could deal with them because they don’t know or understand the pride of being a true home town fan. Anyone can pick a team. Monday night I was really hurt that we can let this proud organization fall to this. In the past I enjoyed showing team support even with losing with effort. I laughed at the fake fans who picked a team based on winning or they liked their uniforms because I knew they never could have what a true Dallas fan has who lives in Dallas or a Pittsburgh fan from Pittsburgh has, true pride. But I have limits on my support, so hopefully I can move on and hope one day we will return to glory but I won’t get on another cities bandwagon.

  158. J. D. Gaquin says:

    Does anyone know Dan Snyder’s e-mail address?

  159. Optimusfish says:

    I don’t give a rat’s about the Skins, but that rant was one of the most epic, pathos-filled diatribes I have ever heard. I am going to use it with my students in AP Rhetoric. well done.

  160. Wow! says:

    Wow, and I don’t even like Chad Dukes, but I have to cosign most of this one…

  161. Juan says:


  162. kenny says:

    This should be played on repeat on the loud speakers during practice, on the plane to Tennessee, in the locker room and on the plane ride back. He speaks for 99% of the fans.

  163. Jeff says:

    No apology please, Chad. I too am a life-long Redskin fan along with most of my famil and I love you for what you said and I feel your pain and I want my freakin money back too. I will be forever loyal to you as a listener for the rest of my life!!

    1. tkelly says:


  164. Noah Jacobs says:

    Right on Chad.

    I haven’t been back to FedEx since the Colts game when security grabbed me, threw me out, I was assaulted by Prince George’s County police for no reason, stripped of my belongings including my vintage Theisman era helmet which was smashed on the ground, and threatened to be beaten if I didn’t “get the f out of here”. I refuse to spend another dime on this team until my belongings are returned but of course the Redskins won’t return my calls. It is a sick, corrupt regime.

  165. D in Springfield says:


  166. Andy Reid says:

    Isn’t Dukes the host who won’t take calls from Philly fans? Yeah, I feel your pain bro big time & respect your loyalty to the storied franchise but Philly fans deserve more respect, take their calls, open up to us bro.

    1. Andy Reid says:


  167. Kyle says:

    I live outside Baltimore (just moved there) and I was born in Philly. I was at the game and I couldn’t believe what I saw. FYI the ESPN affiliate in Philadelphia is going nuts over this rant. It made me laugh, but I seriously can relate to what he said because as an Eagles fan we have not even won a Superbowl and this team just plays with the emotions. My uncle said this one time and he was completely right he said “Eagles, we love you, but we don’t like you”. And that is how I feel. I love the players and watching them play, but the orginization (The owner, Joe Banner, Andy,) I cannot stand those guys. They just do things in a weird way that make me not like them, but I love the team!! It is tough to explain but maybe you understand what I mean…and the stadium does suck. I’ll be there again for PSU vs Indiana. I was there for Boise State too. Hate that stadium!

  168. Alonzo says:

    I pray that Dan Snyder or someone in the front office has heard this because this is a realistic consensus of how this fan base truly feels. The Redskins organization, players and all need to sit down and listen to this.

  169. Tim says:

    Come on over to the Ravens, we will welcome you with open arms.

  170. Darius says:

    As a native Washingtonian who lives in Dallas now, I can not express to you how accurate you are. It is impossible to defend this team anymore. It used to be fun but there is absolutely no argument anymore. . . . The Redskins just flat-out suck. I don’t want to become a Cowboy fan because of my loyalty to the Redskins, however, there has been NOTHING to get excited about since Daniel Snyder bought the team and I’m tired. At least in Dallas, Jerry Jones is willing to make a change when something isn’t working.

    Lord help us all.

  171. Capitals Fan says:

    It’s okay guys, there are still a few winners left in town, they play ice hockey. And when you go to the game, there aren’t 50% opposing team fans.

    Keep up the good work Chad, nothing but respect for saying what most people think but don’t get a chance to truly express.

    I do feel bad when people bring up the Super Bowls, but you can’t explain the past decade + with the expectations. And it’s not just expecations, it’s winning their last 4 games of the season, then losing the first couple of the season, it’s just been so up and down for so long now who knows.

    And if they beat Tennesee this weekend most everyone will be back to cheering them on, that’s just how it goes. But personally I’m not going to anymore games. Been to two so far this year, the Texans and Colts losses were bad enough.

    Washington Capitals are where it’s at.

  172. Crypt keeper says:

    The people who dont agree with this are taking it out of context and arent a real Redskins fan through and through. Had you heard it live and leading up to it you would 100% agree. I was watching this game sick to my stomach. As a football fan I kept watching to see how amazing Vick is. As a Redskins fan who has as well spent $$$$$ Thousands of dollars I wanted to throw a brick through my TV. When I saw that $100 million dollar wad of wasted human flesh belly screwing the dirt for over 5 seconds while the play was going on I was furious. Chad you are the voice of Thousands. I LOVE IT MAN!

  173. Let's buy our team back!!! says:

    Chad, you said things I hadn’t even thought about saying but you are absolutely, positively, 100 percent right!!! “Get ’em!”

  174. JediHouse says:


  175. Kelly says:

    Chad, ALL TRUE. Every friggin word! As a NoVa native, thank you for saying what we all say week after week trying to defend our home team. I too want a friggin refund! Well said. Nothing else needed to be addressed. Sell the team, Douchebag, Dan. Sell the friggin team. Lastly, thank God for the best DC sports franchise, the Caps.

  176. Cleveland Fan says:

    At least you’re not in love with Cleveland like I am…

  177. dilbert says:

    Truer words have NOT been spoken!!!

    Throw ALL the bums out!!!!

  178. Chad Dukes for new Skins owner says:

    Chad, I couldn’t have said it better. You are the freakin’ man!

  179. Suzanne says:

    Such a funny, touching, real, expresion of thoughts and feelings. I love it, keep it up!!

  180. Suzanne says:

    Such a funny, touching, real expression of emotion. I love it, and keep it up!

  181. BrianR says:

    Listen, I’m an Eagles fan, but I’m not here to gloat. In fact, I understand exactly where Chad is coming from, and he has every right. I grew up in Servern and was a Redskins fan as a child, My loyalties switched after I moved away and grew up in Jersey. While I could never root for other NFC East teams, I’ll always have a place for the ‘skins.
    Chad’s rant is about the ownership. Snyder is gouging the fans and putting a mediocre product on the field. Eagles fans are rightly frustrated by not wining a Superbowl after so many years of very good football, I can understand why Chad is so frustrated by ownership that seems like it isn’t even trying to be competitive.
    Anyway, I’m delighted by the Eagles win, I sincerely wish it had been against the Giants or Cowboys. I certainly didn’t post any comments of sympathy when they were 1 and 7. They deserve it.

  182. John the Deadskins fan says:

    I’ve said it all along… You want to place blame for the demise of the ‘Skins for know… it is the Dan Snyder virus that infects anyone good that comes here and selects “do-nothings” like Haynesworth! Great sermon on the issue Chad! Oh, and “Get ’em”

  183. XA351GT says:

    Well what do you expect from a team that benches a guy one week because he can’t run a 2 minute offense and then the next week give him a rediculous 78Mil contract. 40 mil guaranteed WTF. Sorry you deserve to get that result.

  184. Evan says:

    my mom is a house cleaner,and makes hardly enough money to buy herself things she needs. all i wanted for christmas was to go to this monday night game. She ended up purchasing tickets that cost her hundreds of dollars. i was rained on and watched my team who had 2 weeks to prepare act like being a redskin player was just a meaningless part time volunteer job. I felt horrible for my mom and will never ask her for another redskins product again for the rest of my life because i’m so ashamed. I’m as loyal as they get but you spit on my mom and her hard work. I wasn’t asking for a win, just to play like Redskins…but i guess you guys did.

  185. bills fan says:

    welcome to our world …signed bills fans

  186. The WB says:

    That is the best piece of radio , since Lavar went all the way in on Clinton Portis!!!…who is still a fraud!!!!…How about Champ Bailey for Clinton Portis !!!!…that $ish still burns me up!!!… Go Dukes…Life Long Resident Too!!!…

  187. PILLY BOY says:


  188. Matt says:

    I’ve been listening to you and Lavar since the beginning and have NEVER agreed with you MORE! Much respect Dukes!

  189. dezbryant=beast! says:

    hahaha c’mon.. the skins have always had a super high payroll.. they never come thru.. skin fans have to be used to this by now

  190. chris says:

    Wow…that was the best rant ive ever heard in my life. I cannot comprehend how the redskins can still be soo irrelevant considering this day of sport capitalism. Dan Snyder continually throws his money away into this endless pit of blanket dispair and redskin fans continually take it!!! The ticket prices are so outrageous that the real fans dont attend anymore..they are all corporate snobs who get comped the tickets at some crappy office pool in northern virginia…that is why the” fans” leave during half time…this team is a cancer to itself. This team shouldnt worry about Eagle, Cowboy, or Giant fans taking over the market, but the team 35 miles up I95…the football fans in maryland were force fed the redskins for 12 years and we were taking for granted…I have been a Raven fan since 1996 and I wake up every fall and winter sunday and thank God i dont have to attach myself to a team that constantly slow bleeds its fans into complete football mediocrity…this may be the start of the ending to a once glorious franchise

  191. Mark Brown says:

    I live in Dallas and Dallas fan. “You are the MAN”!!!. We need you here to spark a fire under our fans, players and the whole system.
    Pant your self on the back. All of “America” is on your side!!!.
    Run for office. The world is yours.

  192. RavensFanInJapan says:

    Wow, that is some really powerful stuff man. It’s great to hear a local sports guy with the guts to speak the truth. You said everything I have felt about my beloved Orioles for the last 13 years. Well done sir.

  193. MDH says:


  194. Emily Cuffee says:

    Tell it Chad!!! I get tired of hearing that BS from those damn Dallas Fags!!! They better get this shyt together!!!!! SAY IT!! I Feel the same way!!!

  195. MICO33 says:


  196. Harbir says:


  197. Stef says:

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chad, You are so dead on and you don’t need to apologize for it. I’m tired of paying out my money, getting the season tickets and seeing the crappy playing that they have been playing!! Dan Snyder needs to go away is NOT welcome here and never has been! THREE Primetime games this year and we have blown them all (except the win against the Cowgirls but we almost lost that one too)!!!! I feel ripped off!! I too want an apology from the WHOLE TEAM and the coaching staff and SNYDER…but guess I’ll die holding my breath for that one!

  198. Will says:

    fantastic…i know we are dropping our season tickets next season (been in the family for over 30 years) not because the team is awful, but because the franchise IS NOT the same franchise we feel in love with

  199. Amen! Chad, you rock! Finally, someone has the balls to say what had to be said. Until Redskin fans hit Dan Snyder in the pocketbook, nothing will change. The only thing you can do is boycott Redskin merchandise and not attend games. Then you will see a change.

  200. The Washington Redskins is the main reason why I am a Caps Fan. Support the only winning team in DC. ROCK THE RED!

  201. Eagle fan says:

    That was great…He’s absolutely right.

  202. PatsFan says:

    Awesome. If I were a Redskins fan, I’d want the players to be forced to sit together in a room and listen to that.
    I can’t gloat because my Pats sucked plenty of times when you guys were winning Lombardi’s. For what it’s worth, things changed forever for the team when Bob Kraft bought the Patriots. I really don’t think things are going to turn around for the Redskins until you have a new owner. Mike Shanahan alone isn’t going to make the difference, no matter how hard he tries to get that third Ring that would put him in Canton.

  203. EaglesFan!!!! says:

    HaHaHaHaHaHaHa…. good to see misery in Redskins town…HaHaHaHaHa

  204. dino says:

    Can’t argue with none of that! Keep up the rant! You’re mad as hell and your not gonna take it anymore! I with you, homey!

  205. Joe C. says:

    Great job Chad, love your emotion and love for the ‘Skins’. I am not half the fan that many others are but have always been loyal and supportive to the ‘Skins, and even I can see what has happened to the team under Danny Boy’s ownership, How players just come here for $$$, how good new players get cut and have success after leaving, and it makes me sick! + !0 years of mismanagement and really taking advantage of a strong Redskin fansbase anf breaking their hearts- its criminal IMO. I wish Ted Leonsis could buy the Redskins and turn this around,,,,,,,,,,,

  206. Josh says:

    My dad told me 10-12 year ago that the Redskins had a serious problem and it wasn’t the wins or losses or the players or staff, but Dan Snyder. That has continued to be the case and still rings true. We need new owndership. Period. Point Blank. Thanks for all you said, Chad.

  207. Jim says:

    God bless you for daring to speak the truth about the whole sorry, sordid mess………..there is NO hope so long as Danny owns the team…..get used to it.

  208. nosurprisethere says:

    chad, you are so right and its nice to see the anger. as long as dan snyder owns this team, they will be a joke. he is an arrogant s.o.b. who is clueless as an owner. its not about putting a winning team out there, he’s all about making the dollar and will never care about his fans.

  209. bigmoneymike says:

    awesome….!!!! REDSKINS LISTEN UP….SO REAL!!

  210. jets fan says:

    What are skins fans complaining about? Try being a jets fan for the last 40 years!

  211. SCAN says:

    YO THIS DUDE IS FUNNY AS HELL!!!!!—he said he wants ”
    redskins reparations”

  212. Budddy Ryland says:

    Forsale ex-Redskins Fan, really cheap will even root for cowboys….

  213. SCAN says:

    the funniest EVER!!!!!

    1. GaryO says:

      Not quite, coming from a non-interested party, this is the funniest ever:

      This is second though.

      Great Job Chad, My wife hates you on the radio, but was completely engrossed listening to the podcast.

      My boy at work heard your rant on FOX radio in L fucking A. Big time boy!

      Hail to the Redskins!

  214. Preston says:

    You know I thought I was the only one who couldn’t stand to watch that game. After hearing my man Chad on Sports talk Radio, I see most of us loyal Redskin fans felt the exact same way. I wasn’t sure we were going to win the game but for crying out loud everyone knows about Vick and Deshawn, 1st play 88 yards! Are you serious??? Did that just happen?

    Thank you Chad for your words on how we all felt

  215. Greg says:

    Perfectly stated. No apology needed for speaking the truth. It’s obvious that nothing has changed since Dan Snyder took over the Redskins. New coaches and GM with the same results. Dan Snyder really only cares about making money. It’s time to boycott the games.

  216. dennis says:

    it sounds like you lost a lot of money on the game chad

  217. Ed says:

    AMEN!!! Chad, Let’s take our team back from Dan! We need to kick out Dan and all his little ass kissing cronies that call themselves “real Skin Fans” for eating all this crap Dan has force feed us over the last 19 years! Call me hater all you want they piss me off more than the Cowboy fans!!

  218. DuNing says:

    Finally, someone understands what it’s like to be an Ole Miss fan.

  219. Lou says:

    Great Read – Check this article from The Motley Fool. The writers uses Dan Synder as a classic example of someone running an organization who has no idea what they are doing, more importantly why one should avoid investing in a company that he is running. Here is a quote “The Washington Redskins organization and its fans are still at the mercy of the single worst executive in pro sports, a man who has proven himself myopic, greedy, and petulant more times than I care to remember.” Read the rest:

  220. Paul McClung says:

    Thanks Chad. Needed tobe said…..Whats wrong with me..?? Still a fan….

  221. Chris says:

    Hey Chad. I have to say that your rant was one of the most pathetic displays I have ever seen. Go cry somewhere else. I bet you would have not done any better out there. I laugh at how you say you would fire all the players. I guess if they get all new players and they don’t perform, that you would want them fired as well. Which means no more football in Washington so you’ll probably be out of a job,moron. I’ll bet you’ll be slurping them if they win this week. I’ll bet you’ll be slurping them if they somehow make the playoffs. Need some cheese for that wine.

  222. ny giants says:

    im not gonna front this dude is right . skins i lost $400.00 on a bet with yall . yall need heart. santana you need to get open and catch the ball . good luck in tennesse

  223. dylan says:

    go EAGLES!!!! HAHA heres an idea for the redskins front office. maybe they should stop spending so much money in free agency and trading for players and just save their draft picks. And try and get some good players through the DRAFT! for once. GO EAGLES!

    1. Set it Straight says:

      Yeah Dylan, your team is amazing; all those rings I see former players walking around with blind me – keep rooting for the Sleazgles

    2. Dave says:

      Take your advice and your opinions to the Philly boards. We don’t really care what you think we should do.

  224. Richard Beamer says:

    Redskins fan for life and I have to scratch my head as to why this team is in the state it is in. I want to find good here but after Monday night I have hit rock bottom. I want to see a team that is hungry.

  225. Vick Lover says:

    Mike Vick is the truth.

    1. Dave says:

      Whatever. He played very, very well, I’ll give you that.

  226. Michael says:

    I’m an eagles fan and i enjoyed listening to this ahaha but i also felt bad for the guy

  227. Michael says:

    I also lived in the area my whole life but still never became a fan of the redskins because it just wasnt my team been an eagles fan my whole life pretty much

  228. DH says:

    After decades at RFK, the town virtually LIVING for the Skins-Cowboys games, the stands bouncing up and down . . Monk, Riggins, Hogs, Darrell G, Fun Bunch . . . then came RalJohn, FedEx, Free Agency, Snyder, $10 beer, $30 parking . . . and I’d had enough. So 8 years ago I bought hockey tickets instead. Best sporting decision I ever made.

    Only one thing to say now – LET’S GO CAPS ! ! !

  229. Philly Fan says:

    Now you see in McNabb what we’ve been dealing with for 11 years. He’s good, not great and chokes in the clutch.

  230. Philly Fan says:

    Now you see in McNabb what we’ve been dealing with for 11 years. He’s a good QB, not a great one. He’s good when things are going his way but when he has to take a team and put it on his back, he drops like a rented mule. He lost three NFC title games AS THE FAVORITE! That’s why we didn’t care that he was traded within the division.

  231. Desha says:

    Hey, my dad always talked about Sammy Baugh, had pictures of the 1950s teams on the walls of his business, had season tickets since you could GET them, but he wouldn’t have said this about the Redskins. He thought it was poor sportsmanship to boo the ‘Skins. He may have said they played like s****. He may have gone off about stuff, but he never have talked like this man did. Right or wrong, probably right, but still unsportsmanlike. Classless.

  232. Zap says:

    Wonderful.. just wonderful. I’m also from NoVa and have been a fan for my whole life, and you nailed it man. Synder’s team is and has always been rotten to the core. He’s cashing in on years of loyalty by the fan base, and it makes me sick too. Year after year and nothing changes… way to tell it man.

  233. Rick Woeckener says:

    I am a recent transplant from the Tampa area. I have been a Dolphins fan for over 30 years and have seen that franchise go from the Marino teams that dominated and competed for championships to a couple of seasons ago, almost going 0-16. So, I can relate somewhat to what is happening here with the Redskins. I listen to the show just about everyday and it makes dealing with the rediculous traffic more bearable.

    Chad, I have listened to a lot of different sports talk radio shows in different markets, and I have never heard such passion for a team than what you have for the Redskins. I can only imagine the way you and the rest of the loyal fans felt like watching the team you bleed for get completely and utterly punked in their own stadium, on national television. It was painful enough to watch just as a casual fan.

    What I have seen from this team from last season through this season is a lack of passion from the coaches and the players, specifically, the offensive line. Those men need to find a way to start getting nasty on the field. They have to line up in front of the opposing defensive line, look across the line of scrimmage and say to themselves “I am going to dominate you and make you my bitch today”. Week after week, the defensive line of every team is ripping their manhood on just about every play.

    That is where the start of the repair needs to happen for this team. Donovan McNabb’s performance this year is a direct result of the men paid to protect him and let him work, simply not being fired up enough to control their blocks and punish the defensive line. This, to me would seem to come from the offensive line coach and from Kyle and Mike Shanahan. Your primary job as the head coach is to prepare and motivate your team to believe that they are the better team on the field and give more effort and play harder, and out work the other team, especially on your home field. Until that begins to happen week after week, the results are going to be the same.

    On the flip side, this embarrasment may be the wake up call that the coaches and the players needed to come together and play above their current level. Only time will tell on that.

    In regards to Fat Albert giving up on the play and laying on the ground while Mike Vick ran by hin and other Skins players hustled, that has to be the last straw for the coaches and the owner. His fat, lazy ass would be gone, regardless of his contract. Ban him from the building, and get him away from the team. You simply will not be able to begin cultivating a winning attitude and pride in your organization with players of that character, or lack of it out on the field. London Fletcher and Andre Carter, or other “leaders” on the defensive team should have had a closed door meeting with Albert and laid down the law on Tuesday. If he’s going to half-ass it and not put forth effort on every play, then he can’t be a part of this team. There have been too many great players that have worn the burgundy and gold and there is too much history of a once proud franchise to let this guy pull this kind of crap. He is making an already embarrasing situation worse by laying on the ground on national television.

    I agree with Chad. Dan Snyder, Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan owe the Redskin fans a huge apology and the Shanahans should have stood at the podium after the game and took responsibility for not having this team prepared for a critical divisional game at home.

    God help this team the rest of the season.

  234. TThom34 says:

    Good for you Dukes, this team is a pathetic mess that we can’t even defend anymore. None of these players care or want to be here and it’s absolutely pathetic. Kudos.

  235. Gnomelite says:

    I’m a Redskin fan for 40 years. I AGREE with Chad.

  236. DAMGOOD says:

    This was AWESOME! I’m an Eagles fan and I can’t even gloat after listening to that. Every team deserves a team that plays hard for them. I feel for you guys. I really do. What’s up to my man LaVar.

  237. Dave says:

    Thank God someone out there was able to express how I feel, without even using any bad words. Thank you Chad. Now if only anyone on our team had this much passion, we would be alright.

    I blame Shanahan as much as the players…it’s his job to get them mentally and physically prepared to play. He did neither, and in fact, by benching McNabb in the past game, created an undertone of doubt of leadership which is the one thing that McNabb brought so strongly to this team.


  238. NBB says:

    As right as Chad is, who really gives a crap? As a lifelong Redskins fan, I gave Snot-er the benefit of the doubt until it was clear that he had ruined the Redskins experience. Go Ravens!!!

  239. Demondlo says:

    God bless you Chad…gettin real sick of this same old crap…

  240. mari millionaire says:


  241. GEMCREW says:


  242. BleedsBURG&GOLD says:

    to f’n over the top! Yes Snyder has ruined the team over the last 10 years but do you honestly think things can be changed in one year? NO!!!!! I believe in Bruce Allen! He knows Redskins history and what it means to millions! Shanahan needs a couple seasons to build up the O-line and D-line. Yeah the game sucked Monday but who neglected the drafts all those years? Snyder and all his dopes!!!! Chilax and lets see what can happen the next few years!

  243. James says:

    I can’t stop replaying this. I love it. I am an Eagles supporter feeling strangely empathetic.

  244. Scott says:

    Hi, Chad! I just heard your venting. Bravo, my friend! I live in Charlotte, NC now, but I grew up in Richmond. I’ve always been a Skins fan, but I will NEVER be a Daniel Snyder fan. As far as I’m concerned, he is nothing but a heartless hoodlum with too much money and nowhere near enough willingness to admit that he had destroyed this team. After seeing the Eagle’s game, I’m physically ill. It’s too bad that Snyder can’t somehow be forced to sell this team. How much more obvious does it have to get? Snyder’s way isn’t working! By the way, the Eagles had almost 600 yards of total offense, and the Redskins were 0/10 on 3rd down conversions. I actually thought that the Eagles might break 60 points before the end of the game, as if the embarrassment wasn’t already bad enough. Keep giving Snyder Hell. He deserves it.

  245. 2nd & 3rd Generation Washingtonians says:

    You said it all Chad. You emptied the gut of all of us out here. Thank you for your honesty. Players and franchise need to be hungry again; pay as you play.

  246. Craig says:

    I totally feel him on this on.

  247. evan says:

    Way to go Chad!

    From a fellow Orange Hunt kid (Team O) that has lived here since 1980 and remembers the great days! I root for them week in and week out but there is always a piece of me that smiles when they lose becuase of who owns the team.

  248. NixieGurl79 says:

    I agree with Betrayed! YOU SAID ALL THAT NEEDED TO SAID!!! Everything all true Redskins fans have ever thought and/or said!! EV-ER-Y-THING!!!!!!!! Already listened to this 3 times this morning!

  249. Chuck Hardy says:

    I’m a Cowboy fan, I was looking for some kind NFC East fight. I got nothing, I laughed myself to sleep, because not only did they not show up, they made no in game adjustment to Vick, or not a good one anyway. No pride, 2:26 seconds of fight. I hate Phili but as you know, living in DC, you know I loved every minute of it.

  250. Tim A Martin says:

    Chad, I always was a fan of yours. But now I have a huge man crush on you. lol. This rant just made you a LEGEND in D.C. The first time I listened to it it actually brought a tear to my eye when you were comparing the work ethic of your parents compared to that of the pathetic millionaires lying down on the field. Well done.

  251. Nick Barbato says:

    Right with you, Chad. They SUCK!!!!!!

  252. Born and Raised Life Long Redskin Fan says:

    This Rant should be played before every Redskin Game in the Redskin locker room for the players, the coaches, the management team to hear. Your comments reflect what all of us feel now, and have felt for many years. Danial Snider needs to play this before he goes to sleep every night,

    In the words of Lavar,

    “Get-Em” Chad

  253. WHO DAT! says:

    If that guy would’ve said “get em” one more time , I woulda had to knock his frickin theeth out his mouth.

  254. Ink says:

    Wow as a Raiders fan this guy is on point and I know all too well about crappy play and seasons, trust me. I’m a fan of this cat now.

  255. Mike O'Horo says:

    It begins and ends with Snyder. ‘Nuff said. I moved out of the DC area a couple of years ago after being there for 30 years. Out west, the Redskins are the butt of jokes. I live in Vegas, and the ‘Skins have replaced Chris Angel as the punchline that keeps every comedian employed.

  256. Disappointed Skin Fan says:

    My CPU must suck becuase I don’t see anywhere on this page to play the rant. I’m dying to hear it. Does anyone know another place i can go to hear it.

  257. renegade says:

    give chad a raise. love the rant. sell dan sell.

  258. bill ryburn says:

    you go Dude and let’;s get rid of Snyder….I have a custom skins bike and have to hear it all of teh time..right on Chad !

  259. Milon Haskins says:

    I played football from the age of 10 to 18 and I’ve never seen anything like the Redskins.This is the worst performance that I’ve have ever seen in my entire football life. I feel terrible about it. Please tell me how can anyone be proud of this.

  260. Mike says:

    Redskins reparations – hilarious! Right ON!!!!

  261. Mike says:

    I used to be this passionate Chad…but then Dan Snyder bought the team and starting screwing the organization up – every single part of it. I stopped being passionate about the winning and losing 10 years ago. My advice would be to continue to be a fan, but for your own personal well being and health have the same attitude some of the players have – oh well, we’ll get ’em next time.

  262. Patriots Fan says:

    you want to see them change? Stop spending your money on them. Be a fan, dont leave them, but stop spending your money on them. Thats how you send a message

  263. John says:

    I’m so tired of people asking for apologies these days in the NFL.
    The redskins don’t owe anybody an apology – the only thing they need to do is go out there every weekend and play as hard as they can. What kind of a team supporter are you? Would you really rather every player on the team quit? Grow up you, baby. That was ridiculous – real mature telling people they ‘suck’.

    1. Brent says:

      All you Redskins apologists don’t get it. Chads rant was great radio- real, raw and relevant.
      Let me ask you ‘R As’ this:
      If you went to an expensive restaurant, ordered a steak and one hour later a waiter with snot dripping out of his nose served you a steaming pile of dog crap and slapped a one hundred dollar check with a twenty five dollar service charge added to it, would you meekly eat up and pay?
      Well that\s what you are asking Chad, and all Redskins fans, to do

  264. collin says:

    There is more to life than football. If a football game means this much to you, you lack perspective on life…foootball isn’t life…volunteer for the needy, pick up a gun and go fight for your country in Afghanistan…then you’ll realize how meaningless a football game really is.

  265. Todd says:

    Chad answered many of his own questions. The crappiest teams in the NFL make money hand over fist delivering a bad product. It’s an entertainment business that we all love. But bottom line that’s it it’s entertainment. It’s not war, it’s not life, it’s a game. Snyder and the like will continue to print money until the fans decided enough is enough and stop coming to the games, buy jerseys and putting even more money into the owners and the over paid players pockets. Where is the incentive at this point for them to change. There isn’t one. Signed a life long Steelers’s fan.

  266. WWE says:

    …..and …… bookmarked. Well played sir. I’ve never been RKO’ed, Pedigreed, then stuck in a sharpshooter while being Frog Splashed until Monday Night. At one point, it felt like a con-chair-to was applied, but I blacked out from the pain. I should have watched RAW instead of the Redskins. Won’t be an issue next time the Redskins play MNF.

  267. cboys fan says:

    Hey Fellaz dont know if im welcome but I love this rant by Chad!!!
    As a Cowboys fan going through some of the same struggles, I feel for you guys, after all, if there were no Redskins where would the NFC east be? Love what Chad had to say and wish someone on the Cowboys would do the same thing!!! KUDOS!!!

  268. pete says:

    Chad lol calm down dude, the Os sucked for 12 years now.

  269. elizabeth hatfield says:

    sooo true….every year its the same crap….I am sick of it! they over charge the hell out of us and for this!

  270. chris says:

    thank you so much chad. you’re the man. you’re voicing the opinion of every true skins fan. fuck you dan snyder. get the hell away from our football team!

  271. Andrew from DC says:

    chad dukes is THE best radio host in the country. Everyone in the redskins organization should listen to this because he is right on. DAN SNYDER PLEASE STOP RUINING MY TEAM!!!!!

  272. RJD says:

    DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNN ! And I thought I was pissed !

  273. c says:

    At least we still standup and flex our muscles after 1 play in the game down 35-0 !! WHAT A JOKE THIS TEAM IS! Shanahan needs the tape of the 91 team marching to Minneapolis, THAT WAS A TRUE REDSKIN TEAM!!!!

  274. Frank Brown says:

    SO TRUE! Lock them Bastards OUT! Chad I have been a Redskins fan for 40 years.There is no HEART on this TEAM.
    THANK YOU CHAD you said what my family feels.We Love the Redskins .Thats why it hurts so much.

  275. blas says:

    I would feel your pain, but we had the Oiles and now the Texan and they been in a coma since day one, but they are showing signs of life…Maybe the Redskins took the new rule of not making violent tackles to heart…as they say here in houston”Wait til next year”

  276. DR ROB Karaoke says:

    You made me come to tears after hearing this. You have given the best sermon of post Monday Night football to the Redskins Nation. I listen to the show everyday. This is the best speech and should be compared to the best speeches of all football speeches. Hopefully you guys can come to Herndon and have a drink, dinner and do the show at “So Addictive” on Tuesday Night Karaoke. Great job and this speech tells the truth and speakes to the heart of many fans.

  277. Shabana says:

    you are all enablers. boycott. for the love.

  278. Eric says:

    get em. lavar is the man.

  279. Paul says:

    Thanks Chad,We need that and I hope every Redskins Fan heard you speak the truth.

  280. SkinsFan says:

    Chad, I feel you bro.

    The only way to get Snyder out of DC is to stop supporting the franchise. He’s a business man, he could careless about all of us and our “rants”. Just as long as we keep feeding him the greens, he’ll never leave.

  281. Howard A Del Aguila says:

    Chad you said what all us die hard fans feel right now. Keep speaking your mind.

  282. DC34 says:

    Can we also agree to never call Dan Snyder a marketing genius again? He has ruined the great Redskins brand in a short period of time and is an embarrassment to the city. A marketing genius would have gotten Art Monk inducted the FIRST TIME he was on the ballot. $30.00 parking, terrible product, terrible stadium.Let’s call him what he really is – an exploiter of the worst kind.

  283. 2HoleLarry says:

    With all due respect, Mike Vick is the greatest. Sucks for the ‘Skins, but it happens…

  284. uk redskins says:

    for me to lose at home . is unforgiveable . your right this is a discrece . heads must roll . were surporters from afar but no less passionate than anyone of the thousands of redskins fans in washinton . i came close to crying in shame . this is the worst ever defeat in my time of redskins surporting . please make them understand we need better from our heros . jack kent cook would have gone bilstic god rest his soul you tell what we as surporters feel and dont get to air the feelings thank you sir .uk redskins .

  285. Sean Parker says:

    It will continue – as long as people play the money! People that go to the games are enabling this performance. People are stupid and they have a short memory.

  286. reparations please says:

    In a little over 12 minutes, you articulated everything I’ve felt in almost two decades. These idiots, Snyder included, owe us. In fact, I’m tempted to send every Redskins item I’ve ever collected over the years to FedEx field and request that the organization send me a check. I deserve a refund in place of my misery. I’m tired of getting my heart ripped out by these egotistically, overpaid, unprepared ass wipes year in and year out.

  287. winslow says:

    Brings me to tears every time I listen to it. I feel your pain. What has happened to my Redskins? How could this happen? 🙁

  288. Embarrassed Fan says:

    Chad Dukes–you are the man. Thank you for saying what all of us have wanted to!

  289. cowboystar says:

    wow we you could just insert the dallas cowboys in that rant and we would agree with you on the rant for us also. well said thanks for fans in several towns across america….

  290. CEKunz says:

    The “rant” is spot on. I voted on Mr. Snyder by not renewing my season tickets. As a fan that’s all we can do and hope they get the message. Poor Mr. Shannahan is being taken down the same path that our hero Gibbs was taken. Taken by Mr. Snyder and the over -paid under-performing players. Maybe his wife is smart eough to wake him up like Joe’s was. Go Pittsburgh!!!

  291. Billy says:

    The only thing you can say is that the redskins scored more points that night than any other game this season


    1. Billy says:


  292. fishin4funthenrelease says:

    Chad…I live here in Brooklyn, and I’d like to borrow your enthusiasm in Queens when the New York Mets show up to play this Summer. They’re New York’s Redskins just playing in warmer weather.

  293. PTs Pauly says:

    That. Was. AWESOME!

  294. Jeff says:

    Get over yourself Chad. Either pay money to see the Redskins or don’t. Your choice. If you hate them so much, quit everything Redskins…and go to another market if you have to. You’ve got a lot of fans who have posted comments here, but most of us are just embarrassed for you and embarrassed by your ridiculous 13 minute diatribe. How about something constructive?

    1. Bo says:

      Jeff, you are the loser here. Job well done buddy. Youre mom should be embarrassed.

  295. Dan says:

    It could be worse, you could be a Lions Fan!
    you realy don’t no what disapointment is.

  296. Dan says:

    It could be worse, you could be a Lions fan!
    now theres disapointment.

  297. tony says:

    Chad, you are one passionate MF’er!

  298. BCouser says:

    Holy Shit Dukes! Thats passion. I hope You Don’t Catch any Flack Over This. Your The Man!

  299. ADove says:

    That’s the Chad I know and love. Glad to see your still the same, even buried in sports.

  300. jvoorhees says:

    Stop cryin waaaa waaaa don’t owe you anything!!!! Ha Ha Ha!!! Sucker dont watch the redskins, Move to another state blah blah blah. Get a life. Go to church pray for yourself and your team! you made it worse jump off the bridge! Maybe you suck! Monday morning bullypulpit.Ha ha Ha Ha Sell your stuff on e-bay dummy! How soon can you leave this market. You should have said nothing!

  301. NOVA Gal 2007 says:

    Born and raised in Northern VA, grew up in McLean and came back after college to live in Fairfax! I’m with you, Chad! The Skins and entire organization is a disgrace, disappointment, and down right dirty shame on our nations capital! SHAME on the players (or lack there of) and Snyder for making me so disappointed in a team I once felt so passionate about! Fool me once, Shame on YOU, Fool me TIME and TIME again, and Shame on the entire team, coaching staff and owner for making me feel this way! Get off the field skins! Next time you play you’ll be buried under the cold, hard concrete of your own stadium with all the “once upon a time” fans stomping all over it! (it’s not even worth it)

  302. Mike says:

    How do you hear the damn thing?

  303. pitt fan says:


    1. skinfan says:

      f you @sshole, if you werent a shitsburg fan youd feel the same way dbag

  304. Nancy says:

    This is the greatest Redskins rant EVER!!!!

    Thank you so much Dukes for not only saying what we all feel but doing it so passionately. You have a gift.

    Wish you would go off on something every week like back in the good ol’ days.

    PS. Love the new podcast.

  305. johnbnleoftw says:

    there the F is the link to listen?

  306. skins fan says:

    For anybody to sit there and say its not Dan Snyders fault should be thrown outta here. He is the whole reason why the Redskins suck. If it wasn’t for him shelling huge dollars out to players ready to be introduced to walkers we would be winning, The Redskins is a retirement home and the contracts are the football players 401k’s. They get paid to sit there in their rocking chairs and collect their money while the season is flying by, our division is humiliating us and the redskins fans are on their knees. Dan Snyder doesn’t care, he’s the richest owner in the NFL for a reason, he hasn’t any decency for the fans. So keep paying old players to retire without trying, keep overcharging all of your fans because your just gonna drive this organization into the ground so deep that there wont be any Washington Redskins anymore. This video is a godsend, and somebody needed to say what Chad has just said..

    1. Rachel says:

      Amen. Today proved it once again…

  307. snydersux says:

    Yes!! Snyder must go. Who cares if he spends his own money?! It clearly hasn’t worked out. Ever. Time to go buddy.

  308. Gerald Rowlin says:

    Fuck yeah. I feel you. Love Lavar.

  309. Gerald Rowlin says:

    I live it too. Im not taking anything away from M. Vick hes a good qb and we should havewent out and got him and many other players who were out there. We suck as a team.

  310. Hughie22 says:

    I am a die-hard Redskins fan. I will no longer spend any money on anything Redskin until Dan Snyder sells this team. He has no idea what he is doing. I agree with you that he owes us. I want my money back. I was a 7 year season ticket holder. You would think, WOW!, this guy just got season tickets and gave them up. I had too. I paid for the rights to seats. It was such a bad investment, the worst thing I ever purchased. With a season ticket invoice of nearly 4,000 a year for lower level seats, f…ing tailgate passes, the biggest rip off in football, and parking, (which over the years, I just kept getting moved further from the stadium due to Dan Snyder catering to all the corporate “fans”), I was losing approx 1,500 dollars a year. Dan Snyder, I hope that by some stroke of luck you read this post. As far as I’m concerned, you owe me 10,000 bucks. If I ever see you. I’m going to COLLECT. It’s coming out of your A**.

  311. jam says:

    that was perfectly said.

  312. leonard kirby says:

    This blowout happens to every team once in awhile.Redskins lost 9 games this season by 3 points or less,so Redskins not that far away from being one of the best.Alot of reasons for the losses,oline and other injuries,costly penalties and mistakes,things that can be corrected.Next year we will be alot better,even dominating.Trush Shanahan’s wisdom and experience.

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