56147560 Maryland vs. Clemson   Live Blog

After the week off to heal and rest up, the Terps are back at Clemson.  The Terps haven’t won a road game in the ACC since 2008 – When they beat Clemson.  The Terps have won 2 of their last 3 at Clemson and Ralph Friedgen is 6-3 overall against Clemson.  Clemson is a 14.5 point favorite, expect it to be closer.  Maryland seems as though they have given up. 

3:23 – That’ll do it.  Clemson runs out the clock and the final is 31-7 win for Clemson.

3:17 – After moving the ball, O’Brien throws his 3rd pick of the day.

3:09 – O’Brien finds Tyler over the middle and Tyler makes a few men miss for an 18 yard gain.  McCree with the drop.  O’Brien has been unfortunate today with a high amount of drops.  O’Brien throws his 2nd pick and it’s returned for a 63-yard INT return TD.

3:06 – Wujciak is still making plays.  Tough to blame the defense today.  Clemson doesn’t even have 200 yards of total offense.  Just two big special teams plays are the difference today.

2:58 – 3rd and 15 after two incomplete passes.  3rd down.  They are blitzing.  Put O’Brien in shotgun so he can read the blitz.  Bowers just destroyed Gilbert up the middle for the sack.

2:55 – Clemson tries to get Maryland with a neutral zone infraction, instead Wujciak sacks Parker and no one on the line moved for Clemson.  Dabo Sweeney has lost his mind and got a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct.  Don’t worry though, Maryland with the false start.

2:53 – Harper carried about 3 Terrapins on his back there.  3rd down coming up, and Parker converts the QB sneak.

2:52 – Personal foul on Hartsfield for the late hit out of bounds.  Score may get ugly here soon.

2:47 – There is the first career interception by Danny O’Brien.  McDaniel picked him off.

2:45 – 2nd down and Cannon falls down and O’Briens pass falls incomplete.  3rd and 5 from the 28, ball is tipped at the line.  Another holding call.  Another holding call on DeSouza.  Rough, rough day for the freshman.

2:42 – Furstenburg with another big catch as he gets 14 yards for a first down.  Torrey Smith drops a pass on first down.  Da’Rel Scott stopped at the line of scrimmage.  3rd and 10, and he takes off running and he picks up the first down.  Nice run, looked like he was a little short so nice spot.

2:37 – Maryland 3 and out and i feel like I’m just going to keep typing that today.  Justin Anderson did make a good tackle in the backfield on Ellington.

2:29 – Play under review.  The fan in me says it’s incomplete.  The unbiased blogger in me says it’s complete.  It’s a tough call.

2:25 – 3rd down and Parker takes off running again.  Two Terps sacked each other instead of Parker on that play.

2:22 – Really bizarre series of events.  But it results in a loss of down and 2 yards for Clemson.  This seems like a mini-win.  Then Parker takes off and picks up 15.  So the mini-win turns into a loss.  Per usual today.

2:19 – WR screen to Cannon, loss of 3.  Maryland offense looked terrible.

2:15 – Logan makes a few men miss on his 10 yard return.  I thought he was going to break it.  He just needs one crease and he’s gone there.

2:14 – Maryland defense is stepping up on this Clemson possession.  Antwine Perez blew up Harper in the backfield and then pressure Parker in to rushed passes to Harper.  Clemson to punt.

2:08 – Adrian Cannon makes another great play on the WR screen.  3rd and 4 after the 16 yard pickup.  O’Brien picks up a yard on the scramble as there was too much pressure. 4th down and incomplete.  Illegal Shift on Maryland is declined.

2:05 – Torrey Smith on the reverse and he loses 4 yards.  3rd and 17, tight end screen pass to Furstenburg, and he has daylight!  Clemson catches up to him after he gets into Clemson territory.  53 yard pass.  O’Brien incomplete on first down.  2nd and 10, O’Brien will take off, but holding in the backfield will negate this 11 yard scramble.

2:04 – 1st and 15, Meggett takes the carry up the middle – looks like he only gets back to the line of scrimmage, maybe 2 yards.

1:57 – Ellington showing some power, and gets down to the 1.  Parker with the QB keeper on 2nd down.  Parker just inches short.  3rd and goal, Ellington with the TD.  24-7.

1:56 – Parker misses his tight end down the middle, just led him a little too far.  2nd down, illegal motion on Clemson erases a 9-yard gain.  2nd and 15, Parker finds Brown in single coverage against Chism.  Brown tackled at the 6.

1:51 – Smith back to return the kick.  Maryland looking more like “First-Quarter Maryland” and then the big special teams play.  Awful start to the half.  Clemson will start at the Maryland 21.

1:30 – The hail mary to end the half is knocked down in the end zone.  Head to the half to 17-7.

1:28 – O’Brien really looking for the Tight Ends today.  O’Brien complete to Furstenburg for the first down.  O’Brien completes the pass to Cannon, but he doesn’t go down and Terps take a timeout.

1:25 – After some serious internet issues, we are back.  I hate the 3rd and 1 call by the Terps and it was compounded by the fact Baltz missed the FG.  Now Clemson has basically ended the quarter with this drive.  4th and goal, and Clemson gets in.  Harper goes over the Right Tackle.  17-7 with 32 seconds left in the half.

1:04 – O’Brien goes deep for Torrey Smith and this time he comes down with it.  37 yard pass play down to the 16.  Meggett picks up four yards on first down, to the 12.

1:02 – Robinson in at QB in the triple option look, hands off to Meggett for 9 yards.  O’Brien back in at QB, Meggett picks up the first down.

12:58 – Oh Andre Ellington, how I loathe you.  87-yard kickoff return TD.  10-7.

12:52 – Scott gets back to the original line of scrimmage.  2nd and 10, O’Brien avoids the pressure and steps up to find Yeatman.  Yeatman breaks a tackle and gets down to the 15.  Wow.  I thought O’Brien was throwing that away and Yeatman stabs it out of the air and Yeatman is down at the 5.  He is coming up huge.  Da’Rel Scott on the pitch, and he throws it back to Danny O’Brien for the 5 yard TD!  Wow, what a play.  7-3 Terps.

12:51 – O’Brien looks like he has settled in at QB.  Great pass to Yeatman.  False start on Maryland.

12:46 – Slant to Torrey Smith picks up 8.  Smith looks like he tweaked his ankle again.  Adrian Cannon with a highlight reel catch.  Wow, that was more impressive seeing it the second time around.  Maryland finally into Clemson territory.  End of the first quarter.

12:44 – Vellano getting pressure up the middle, he has really turned himself into a great football player.  3rd and 11, and Maryland holds again.  Parker scrambles for a few yards, and Zimmerman back in to punt.  Logan finally returns one, but only can pick up about 5.

12:39 – 2nd and 8, Terps go up top to Torrey Smith, but he can’t haul it in.  3rd and long again for the Terps.  Pass is incomplete as he is flushed out of the pocket by Bowers.

12:37 – Parker goes up top, but two receivers ran the same route.  Clemson fans want a flag, but the Clemson receiver tripped over his own feet.  Zimmerman to punt.  Logan with a fair catch at the 17.

12:30 – Terps with a key 3rd and 2, pass complete to Watson for 10 yards.  Meggett gets pushed out of bounds on first down and falls over the Clemson bench.  Terps in their triple option look, they fake the pitch to Tyler and Meggett can’t catch the pass.  3rd and 7, O’Brien was a little low to Tyler.  Terps to punt.

12:24 – Tigers start at their 36.  Ellington picks up 3 on first down.  Drakeford in for Moten and he breaks up the play in the backfield.  Loss of 3.  Parker complete to Jones, but looks a yard or two shy.  Zimmerman on to punt.  We’ll see if he actually kicks it to Logan.  Logan with a fair catch at the 6.

12:21 – Holding on Justin Lewis negates a 15 yard pick up by Matt Furstenburg as O’Brien left the pocket.  2nd and 20, Maryland goes to the WR screen and Xavier Brewer breaks it up before McCree was out in space.  Gain of 4.  O’Brien finds Cannon, but only picks up 4 more.  Terps to punt.

12:19 – Nice blocking by Maryland to get Watson to the second level.  Taylor Watson back in the lineup and he gets a first down.  Robinson in at QB, he over throws Williams by about 15 yards.

12:13 – Terps are getting a solid helping of Andre Ellington so far.  They can’t stop him. Finally Terps get a stop as they pressured Parker and Moten broke up the pass to Ellington.  3rd and 10, not as favorable as it should be.  Thank god for Antwine Perez.  That was a hit.  Clemson hits a 43 yard field goal.  3-0.

12:10 – Maryland wins the kickoff and defers.

12:05 – I’m not a big fan of a two-QB system.  I don’t think this will be as successful as the Terps coaches think.  Sure it’s tough to game plan for both, but if it’s done incorrectly it could bomb.  Danny O’Brien will start, and Jamarr Robinson will play – but how much we don’t know yet.


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