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After meeting with Turkish president, VP Biden announces new U.S. aid to help Syrian refugees but no developments on Turkey's coalition role
Two-year investigation of politically charged incident determines whether series of persistent allegations were valid
U.S. troops remaining in Afghanistan, previously limited to counterterrorism against al Qaeda, can target Taliban fighters if threatened
Temblor strikes mountainous area, causing at least 10 homes to collapse
There are only two days remaining until the deadline for nuclear talks between Iran and other world powers. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is in Vienna for the talks, where he extended a face-to-face meeting with his Iranian counterpart. Margaret Brennan reports from Vienna.
"Police officers we'd never even met before knew our names and seemed to know a hell of a lot about us," says one reporter
Vice President visits Kiev, warns Russia to "respect Ukrainian sovereignty" or face further consequences
Roadside robbery sees thieves make off with blood samples from suspected Ebola patient
Top U.S. diplomat schedules evening meeting with his Iranian counterpart, suggesting some hope of movement with less than 4 days to deadline
Anti-government protests in Mexico are turning violent. Demonstrators are furious with the disappearance and apparent murder of 43 college students. A mayor and his wife are believed to be involved. Manuel Bojorquez reports from Dallas.

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