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Roy was known for writing against religious fundamentalism and had received death threats in the past, family and friends said
Ukrainian government and pro-Russia rebels say they're moving heavy weapons back from front line -- but will resume combat if provoked
The law enforcement dilemma: How best to identify potential terrorist threats and ISIS supporters who may mask their true intent
A new video shows ISIS militants destroying museum artifacts reportedly in the city of Mosul, Iraq.
A lack of resources has hindered efforts to clear the snow that has buried people inside their homes
Destructions are part of extremist campaign to eliminate what they view as heresy
Before dying under mysterious circumstances, prosecutor alleged president tried to cover up Iranian involvement in bombing
Drink your coffee and eat your cup! CBSN's Elaine Quijano and Vladimir Duthiers show us KFC's newest product.
The number of Christians kidnapped and held hostage by ISIS has gone up. CBS News correspondent Mark Phillips joins CBSN with more on what ISIS is hoping to achieve from these kidnappings.
Gin has been Britain's drink of choice since the 1700s, but with a nickname like "mother's ruin," the spirit's reputation has taken some knocks. Thanks to some crafty distillers, a new gin craze is buzzing across the pond. Charlie D'Agata reports on how this juniper revolution is making sure the drink doesn't face a last ca

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