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A townhome in Dallas Texas University Park is decorated to resemble an Ebola quarantine. The homeowner says it is all just a fun Halloween joke, but neighbor's opinions are mixed. KTVT's Bud Gillett reports.
A look at the background, symptoms and treatment of Dr. Craig Spencer
The major airlines have been adding former first responders to their employee ranks for more than a decade, but none have attracted more talent than Jet Blue. Peter Greenberg reports on a group of unlikely flight attendants.
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss how the state will handle Ebola, now that there is a confirmed case.
A rare solar eclipse at sunset put on a dramatic show for much of the country yesterday afternoon. It was captured on video. Sharyn Alfonsi reports.
"Lane splitting," when a motorcycle drives between two cars, is legal in California. Carter Evans looks at recent studies that try to determine if it is safe.
Officials seek to reassure New Yorkers after doctor tests positive for Ebola; unlikely support for mother of ISIS hostage threatened with death; will the Canada attack spark copycats in U.S.?
Officials say Craig Spencer closely followed all protocols after returning from West Africa; his fever wasn't nearly as high as first reported
New York firefighters are taking to the skies in a career move you might not expect; keeping passengers safe at 35,000 feet
Officials call the alleged acts at a suburban Philadelphia high school "humiliating and inappropriate"

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