Tips For Building A Kids’ Play Area In Washington DC

April 19, 2013 9:00 AM

Photo Credit: Thinkstock

Photo Credit: Thinkstock

Photo Credit: Thinkstock

The days are getting warmer and the nights are getting longer, which means children are spending more time outside. Creating a safe and entertaining environment in your own backyard allows parents to keep an eye on their children from the comfort of their own home. Encourage your kids to invite friends over and provide the neighborhood with clear, wholesome fun this summer. A complete remodel is not necessary. All it takes is planning, instruction following and a few visits to the store.


A sandbox makes for hours of play. For younger children, visit a home store for pre-made sandboxes. Pre-made sandboxes are plastic and usually come in different shapes and sizes, like zoo animals. For older children, consider buying lumber and making the sandbox. Creating a square sandbox proves the least difficult. Don’t forget the sand tools and buckets!

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Tree House

Backyards with strong trees are ideal. Oak trees and pecan trees have multiple limbs and make great tree houses. A tree house is built around the shape of the tree. Find a standard design online or come up with your own. It’s important to check durability and quality of the house before children take over. There should be no exposed nails and the wood must be sanded smooth to avoid splinters. If a tree house sounds too extreme, simply install a few wooden steps on a tree trunk to make climbing accessible.

Rope Swing

Trees are also a necessity for rope swings. The average rope swing is 20 feet long, depending on the tree. Rope can be found at a local hardware store and should be thick cotton or nylon, ensuring that it doesn’t break easily. Tie knots along the rope, one large at the bottom, or attach a tire. You can buy a used tire for cheap as the tire does not need to be in good condition for swinging purposes.

Sporting Options

Sports played on a smaller scale, like wiffle ball and putt-putt golf, are unlikely to damage anything in your backyard or surrounding areas. Purchase proper sporting equipment, giving kids a handful of choices to prevent boredom. Install a basketball hoop or set up a small volleyball net. Tents create a space that provides children with a sense of freedom. Find a pop up tent, one easy enough for children to set up, throw in a few blankets and flashlights and call it a day. Store the equipment in one organized place with easy entrance.

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Craft Area

Set up a picnic table or special spot for activities such as painting and craft making. Buy reusable, washable tablecloths. Keep the children’s activity table and the family table separate. All children need is a flat surface that can get dirty and is easy to clean up.

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