Best Thrift Stores In The DC Area

January 28, 2011 4:12 AM

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Unique Thrift

Locations in
Brooklyn Park
Landover Hill
Silver Spring
Falls Church

An absolute local favorite is the Unique Thrift Stores chain. They have a total of 8 stores in the DC Metro, most of them in Maryland. One of its largest stores is located in Silver Spring, right off 495 on New Hampshire Avenue in the Hillandale community. You can find two large thrift stores, side by side. Unique Thrift on the left and Value Village Thrift Store on the right side, and right in the center, dividing these two great stores, you will find a number of discount retailers selling everything from electronics, to accessories and apparel.

Fans of these stores have found 2 dollar cashmere sweaters, 5 dollar shirts from stores such as Banana Republic and Gap, and 75 cent children’s books ranging from the Disney classics to the very popular Dr Seuss collections. Get your VIP card and you will receive an email for special discount days!

Value Village Thrift

2277 University Blvd E,
Hyattsville, MD 20783

10121 New Hampshire Ave # A
Silver Spring, MD 20903

Shop Goodwill

Shop Goodwill (


Everyone knows that you can find some killer deal at Goodwill stores, but did you know that they have a website dedicated to the online sales of high end items. They have antiques too! It’s all set up via bidding and some items start at 6 dollars!

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