Best Summer Camps Or Workshops For Teens Around Washington DC

March 22, 2013 8:00 AM

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When the school year ends, parents and the city worry about what the teenagers will do with their summer. Many will try to get summer jobs and internships, while others are on vacation. But there are also creative and productive summer camps that you can send your teens to. Here are a few that will keep your teen occupied.

7th Annual WPAS’ Summer Steps With Step Afrika!
Location to be announced
(202) 533-1865

Dates: August 5-9

Stepping has made its way into the mainstream recently with movies like “Stomp the Yard.” But African American fraternities and sororities have been practicing the African dance form for decades. Over the years, more communities have embraced the dance, with non-African American sororities and fraternities participating in competitions. Many high, middle and even elementary schools in the DMV have step teams. WPAS offers your teen a way to learn, practice and have fun stepping.

Sketch Comedy
1100 Jefferson Drive S.W.
Washington, DC 2004
(202) 633-3030

Dates: June 24-Aug. 16

From July 29 to August 2, teens can break out of their shell or further hone their talent, while making new friends. Several of today’s star comics started out making people laugh at a young age, whether it was in their living rooms or in comedy clubs with lenient age limits. Your camper will learn the basics of improv, and will incorporate what they have learned in short sketch performances at the end of the camp. The Smithsonian hopes to foster a future Bill Murray or Tina Fey, with its “Saturday Night Live” prep sketch comedy summer camp.

University Of Maryland Young Scholars Program
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742
(301) 405-7762

Dates: Vary depending on age

Every student has the potential to become whatever they aspire to be. Some will not discover what they want to do until they are in college. But there are some that know early on what career path they want to follow. The University of Maryland Young Scholars Program is geared toward the students that have scholarly pursuit and want to get a head start on preparing for college. With classes like Architecture, Forensic Science, Greek and Latin Word Roots and Public Speaking and Debating, your teen can gain a competitive edge.

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Capitol Debate Summer Camps
1700 Reisterstown Road, Suite 209
Pikesville, MD 21208
(855) 332-2834

Teenagers have an instinctive knack for talking back and creating excuses or explaining why they shouldn’t be in trouble. Debating is a wonderful outlet for them to put that skill to good use, and to learn new productive skills. At the Capitol Debate summer camps, your teen will develop their leadership, public speaking and writing skills. Through classes, practice and projects, they will come out of the camp more confident in themselves and in their future.

Camp Creativity
500 17th St. N.W.
Washington, DC 20006
(202) 639-1700

Dates: June 24-Aug. 16

The Corcoran Gallery of Art provides Washington D.C with an organization entirely devoted to art, with a museum and college. It also focuses on education with its exhibits, events and several summer camps. Children and teens in the D.C area are given a platform to display their artistic creativity over the summer through photographing, fashion, illustrations, sculpture, design and much more. Let your teen spending the summer exploring their artistic side at one of the best museums in the area.

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