Best Polish Food In Washington DC

July 3, 2013 8:00 AM

Photo Credit: Thinkstock

Photo Credit: Thinkstock

Photo Credit: Thinkstock

If you are bored of your usual pizza delivery and Chinese take-out, why not try something more unusual for dinner, like Polish food? Polish cuisine is a prime representative of Eastern European culinary traditions and is highlighted by savory pancakes, stuffed pasta, hearty vegetables, filling soups, cream and potatoes. Here is a list of five great places in the DC.area to sample some delicious Polish dishes.

523 8th St. S.E.
Washington, DC 20003
(202) 813-3039

Richard Sandoval’s newest hotspot has all of his signature features: beautiful décor, lovely lighting and, of course, great food. His latest venture in DC diverges from his usual Latin-Asian theme and instead focuses on Eastern European food. His small plates menu includes Polish classics such as schnitzel, stews and croquettes. Potatoes and housemade chips accompany most of the sandwiches, which is typical in Poland. The menu also includes some twists on the classic Polish culinary concepts. For example, instead of a beet soup, the menu includes a beet salad. The cheese pie, which is traditionally a sweet dish in Poland, is turned into a savory option on Ambar’s menu.

kielbasa2 Best Polish Food In Washington DC

kielbasa3 Best Polish Food In Washington DC

Kielbasa Factory (Credit, Priya Konings)

Kielbasa Factory
1073 Rockville Pike
Rockville, Maryland
(240) 453-9090

If you would prefer to sample some Polish dishes at home, Kielbasa Factory is the place for you. This small but complete grocery store sells nothing but Eastern European food, with an emphasis on Polish items. Its shelves are full of authentic Polish ingredients, frozen foods, canned goods and candies. It sells pierogies in all different flavors, including potato and cheese, canned borscht soup, which is a savory beet soup, frozen crepes, Polish bread and even Polish candy bars such as prince polo, a candy bar made with a thin bar of wafer drenched in sweet chocolate.

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bohem Best Polish Food In Washington DC

Bistro Bohem (Credit, Priya Konings)

bohem2 Best Polish Food In Washington DC

Bistro Bohem (Credit, Priya Konings)

Bistro Bohem
600 Florida Ave. N.W.
Washington, DC 20001
(202) 735-5895

For a truly Eastern European dining experience, head to Bistro Bohem. The rustic, casual feel of the restaurant combined with the cuisine and native waitstaff will make you feel like you are in Europe instead of DC. This charming restaurant serves up different kinds of pierogies every day, which are dumplings stuffed with various fillings, as well as borscht, schnitzel and fresh cabbage salad with fried cheese. Be sure to try the famous Polish potato pancakes on the menu, as well as the crispy potato chips made in house.

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Domku Bar & Café
821 Upshur St. N.W.
Washington, DC 20011
(202) 722-7475

Domku Bar & Café serves a variety of authentic dishes from Eastern Europe, so be sure to order multiple items and share with your dining partners. Some of the best items include potato, onion and carrot pancakes, earthy mushroom and cabbage rolls and pierogis fried in butter. The lunchtime menu includes traditional Polish pancakes drenched in a rich cheese sauce and stuffed with a mix of buckwheat groats and vegetables.

DGS Delicatessen
1317 Connecticut Ave. N.W.
Washington, DC 20036
(202) 293-4400

For an upscale venue where you can sample some Polish dishes with a modern twist, head to DGS Delicatessen. The highlights on the menu include decadent pierogies oozing with cheese and potato and tossed with mint and peas. Potato pancakes with housemade apple sauce, schnitzel and kasha varnishkas, pasta with groat and mushrooms, are also delicious. Start your meal off with a pickle plate, common in Polish restaurants, and end with some donuts. Remember to order one of the fabulous cocktails to complement your meal.

Priya Konings is a freelance writer and restaurant critic in Washington D.C. Her work can be found at

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