Best Music Producers In Washington DC

June 27, 2013 8:00 AM

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DC has always been a city of the arts. From music to theater to museums and galleries, the District boasts an abundance of artistic talent.  Music production has an interesting and long-standing history in DC, from the inception of theaters over a century ago, like Ford’s Theater, to the age of Duke Ellington and then Marvin Gaye, to the more recent development of a distinct musical identity with “Go-Go” from the late Chuck Brown. Today, music production continues to thrive in the District, though most music production companies offer many more services outside of actual music producing. DC-based musicians, producers, DJs, performers and enthusiasts have an abundance of creative services and service providers to guide them throughout their musical careers.

(202) 505-1910

Located in the District, Audyolab provides innovative courses for music production for emerging DJs and producers to keep up with the latest technologies, newest techniques and technical production and editing standards. Understanding that music production is an organic and fluid industry undergoing constant change, and being influenced by a plethora of sources, Audyolab supports creativity with balanced business strategy. Music producers seeking advice, inspiration or support for their craft will find what they need with Audyolab. Encouraging networking and blogging, Audyolab helps music producers maintain a high level of excellence.

Blue House Productions
(301) 589-1001

Serving Maryland, the District and Virginia for over 25 years, Blue House Productions is unique for all varieties of creative music production from recording, to editing, to developing a brand through web and print design, and even live event recording. Blue House Productions provides extensive audio visual services for conferences, lectures, meetings and special events in and around the District, while also supporting new and emerging artists with audio demos and auditions. Blue House Productions maintains a strong business acumen by diversifying its services, but also strongly supports local area artists and creative-types.

Blue Room Productions
7718 Bradley Blvd.
Bethesda, MD 20817
(240) 505-5544

Located in the artsy neighborhood of Bethesda, Blue Room Productions also offers a variety of creative services, in conjunction with its superior studio-recording spaces. Blue Room Productions offers the complete package for the musical artist with professional studio recordings, digital mastering, videography and photography, album design, CD duplication and more. Blue Room Productions’ business is creativity and its expertise provides all the necessary products for any new, emerging or well-established musician, performer, producer or DJ.

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Innovation Station
Arlington, VA 22206
(703) 405-6727

Located in Virginia, Innovation Station is an all-encompassing music development company, specializing in artist, album and song development. While offering a variety of important music development services, Innovation Station is primarily concerned with the development of top-quality music through the utilization of expert production strategies. Innovation Station focuses on four main components of music production: recording and producing, mixing and mastering, original composition and music business strategy. Innovation Station works directly with musicians to produce great art and plan for the future.

Listen Vision
2622 Georgia Ave. N.W.
Washington, DC 20001
(202) 332-8494

A visionary of audio and visual production and an advocate for educational music programs in schools, Listen Vision is a production studio with a powerful message. Supporting local musicians, DJs and enthusiasts, Listen Vision provides studio, mixing and mastering and post-production services. The “Vision” half of Listen Vision provides video production and music-industry business courses for blossoming music production professionals. Along with all the creative services offered, Listen Vision is working to bring thoughtful educational music programming back to the DC Public School Systems.

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