Best Hairstylists In The DC Area

January 28, 2011 5:37 AM

Destiny De've Hair Salon and Spa

Destiny De’ve Hair Salon and Spa (

Lisa Ward, Georgetown Aveda

1325 Wisconsin Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20007

In D.C., her name is almost synonymous with perfect hair. Couple that with the excitement of D.C.’s hottest shopping district and a relaxing signature Aveda experience, and it’s a great day. I have never seen a bob haircut more precise than the one Lisa created. NEV-ER. Most women don’t even realize they have a neck until Lisa reveals it with the angled cut. She transforms your look. She improves it. And if she doesn’t agree with your vision, she’ll let you know. Her bubbly personality will ease any hair anxiety and she doesn’t keep you waiting.

Destiny De've Hair Salon and Spa

Destiny De've Hair Salon and Spa (

Latrice Strader, Destiny De’Ve Hair Salon & Spa3343 14th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20010

Pick up any hair magazine on any shelf or salon magazine rack and you’ll see Latrice’s work. Paces away from the Columbia Heights Metro station in a trendy little midtown D.C. neighborhood, Latrice started in a small shop on U Street in Northwest D.C. Now the owner of her own salon empire, she has an army of stylists that work tirelessly to make you look great in a spa atmosphere. And while most salons close on Monday, Destiny De’Ve is doin’ hair.

Rene Johnson, Liv Life Salon

531-B North Chester Street
Baltimore, MD 21205

This Baltimore hairstylist is quickly building a strong D.C. clientele as women from the 202 zip code fly up 95 to get cute hair for almost half of what one would pay further South. Says one client, Rene is “fly and affordable…she aims to please”. Isn’t that the point?

Reflexion Dominican Salon 2

8000 Martin Luther King Jr. Highway
Glendarden, MD 20706

The master of the blowout, Dominican salons are said to create a straight look like no other; Reflexion Salon is no different. Feel free to make an appointment, but it’s not necessary. They offer any service and prices vary contingent upon whether your hair has been chemically treated. Reflexion creates a look so sleek it’s as if they added length. They have later hours on Fridays.

Victor, Bubbles

3504 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20008

Victor is among the best in D.C. to do hair, regardless of your ethnicity. Anybody who’s ever had a great chemical treatment or fabulous blow-out has been to Victor. Victor doesn’t work with a million assistants (not that there’s anything wrong with that), he will never make you wait, he actually takes the time to massage your temples, he CARES about the health of your hair and, most importantly, this dude has a sick music selection on his Ipod that he’ll show off during your visit. He’s almost superhuman.

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