Best Choirs In Washington DC

November 25, 2013 7:00 AM

The Washington, D.C. area is blessed with countless musical, performance and vocal acts, and it is especially rich in locally operated choirs. From children to LGBT advocates to singers of Negro Spirituals, D.C. has it all when it comes to amazing choirs. The choirs of the District promote the arts, add to the city’s cultural diversity and enhance the entertainment industry of the local area. These incredibly talented choirs are recognized as the most diverse groups competing and performing locally and nationally.

18th Street Singers

The 18th Street Singers are led by executive director Benjamin Wallace. Featuring a 50-voice ensemble of musical talent from all kinds of musical backgrounds, including professionals and former school-choir singers, this choir’s diversity only adds to its dedication and passion for performing. Most recently, the group has performed at the Music Center at Strathmore, the National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony (which was attended by President Barack Obama) and the 2011 Piccolo Spoleto Festival in Charleston, SC. The choir is gaining recognition throughout the District and the country.

Clear Harmonies

Clear Harmonies is a local co-ed choir known for its a capella stylings. Charlie Friday and Amanda Cornaglia, co-directors of Clear Harmonies, have led the group through many competitions and recordings. The group has recorded three full-length albums and worked with Paul McCartney. Though it might be recognized as more of an a capella group than a choir, its musicality is a favorite among D.C. residents.

The Gay Men’s Chorus Of Washington, DC
2000 P St. N.W., Suite 730
Washington, DC 20036
(202) 293-1548

Newly hired executive director Chase Maggiano will tackle the role of directing The Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington, DC beginning this fall.  he choir is proudly comprised of openly gay male singers in the District. Founded on the principles of tolerance and acceptance, the group is one of D.C.’s greatest assets in the initiative to increase diversity throughout the city. The choir also has impressive musical talent, and continues to collaborate with leading and nationally acclaimed performers for special programs.

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The Heritage Signature Chorale
P.O. Box 90238
Washington, D.C. 20090
(202) 808-0583

The Heritage Signature Chorale takes its artistic direction from Stanley J. Thurston with Miriam A. Dixon acting as the contact person. Acknowledged by the Washington Post, among other local media outlets, as one of the strongest choirs in the District, the group focuses on African-American music tradition, specializing in the tradition of the Negro Spiritual. The choir has many performances each year and often collaborates with local orchestras for its performances. Upcoming performances will be held at the National Cathedral, Chorus American Annual Conference and the National Presbyterian Church.

World Children’s Choir
2128 McKay St.
Falls Church, VA 20043
(703) 883-0920

Sondra Harnes, CEO and artistic director of World Children’s Choir, leads one of the best-known children’s choirs in the country. The choir is comprised of children under the age of 18, but it is an amazing and well-accomplished choir indeed. The choir has performed for many celebrities and very important people, including former President Bill Clinton. World Children’s Choir holds a place of respect and dignity in the choir circuit, and is a local D.C. treasure.

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