Best Bus Trips Out Of DC

May 23, 2011 4:58 AM

DC Monument Tour - Reston Limousine

DC Monument Tour – Reston Limousine (

New York

Bolt Bus

The Big Apple, Lady Liberty, a Broadway show or a slice of real New York pizza pie are just a click away and priced for almost any budget. Any of these bus services can shuffle you and your bags from Washington, DC to New York for a fraction of a train ticket. Many of the bus services now offer bottled water, free wi-fi and power outlets for your laptop. The average trip is between 4 and 4 ½ hours depending on the bus service and location you choose from. Roundtrip reservation can start as low as $1. An average fare is around $50.

Atlantic City

Eyre Bus Tour & Travel
Rockville pickup:
The Hotel Hilton
1750 Rockville Pike
Rockville, MD

Let’s play some cards! Frequent bus service to and from Atlantic City makes leaving your doorstep and boarding a bus for the casinos a lot more convenient. Eyer Bus picks up in Rockville and makes the trip 3 times weekly to Trump Plaza in Atlantic City. When you arrive your $35 roundtrip ticket also puts a $30 slot voucher and $5 food coupon in your pocket.

Rehoboth and Dewey Beaches

DC2NY Bus Services

Dupont Circle
20TH St and Massachusetts Ave
Washington, DC

Union Station
Inside the station at the Bus Loading Area

Not you, not I, nor the couple sitting next to me. None of us like getting behind the wheel and making the tumoltuous hike to the beach. Stalled traffic can take the fun out of the sun and sand and there was nothing you could do about it. There was nothing you could do about it until now. DC2NY announced in the summer of 2010 they would make the trip with services Friday nights and Saturday and Sunday Mornings. With return trips on Saturday and Sunday nights. The 2 ½ hour trip will cost you $35 one way. You can stay for the weekend or make a day trip. Check the website for a 2011 summer schedule.

Virginia Winery

Reston Limosuine
45685 Elmwood Ct
Reston, VA 20166

The Sonoma Valley of California has met its match right here in Virginia. Reston Limo offers several tours to Virginia’s most beautiful and facsinating wineries. You choose your closest pick up locations and Reston Limo will do the rest, including lunch. Tours roll out Saturday and Sunday to Virginia’s most acclaimed wineries. It’s time for you to choose where you want to go. Then, let Reston Limosuine take you there as you sit back, relax and take in the scenery of wine country.

DC Monument Tour - Reston Limousine

DC Monument Tour - Reston Limousine (

Charles Town Races

Reston Limosuine
1650 Tysons Boulevard
McLean, Virginia

Cha-ching!!! If that’s the sound you relate to most then a trip to Charles Town Races and Slots is a place Reston Limosuine wants to shuttle you too. Whether it’s the race track or the slots, pick up starts in McLean and transports you 1 ½ later to Charles Town Races. A round trip ticket will set you back an easy $29. Whether you’re along for the ride or aiming to strike it rich this fast track to West Virginia is for you.

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