Best Bars With Drinking Games In The DC Area

August 2, 2012 6:00 AM

Think other people’s basements are the only places you can play fun drinking games? Think again! There are plenty of bars in DC that allow popular drinking games, like beer pong, as well as drinking games you may have never heard of. Visit one of these bars to test your skills, compete with friends and enjoy a few laughs along with your drinks.

 Best Bars With Drinking Games In The DC Area

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Rock and Roll Hotel
1353 H St.
Washington, DC 20002
(202) 388-ROCK

Spelling bees are not just for super-smart six year olds. Friday nights at the Rock and Roll Hotel feature a grown-up version of the grade school competition, also known as Spelling Buzz. The caveat? The host may ask you to drink your adult beverage at random times all throughout the night. When it’s your turn up at the mic, you can demand a particular person, group of people or the entire room to take a drink. Spell a word wrong and you’re out. Winners receive discounted bar tabs and other prizes. Spelling Buzz is limited to the first 40 contestants.

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1900 I St.
Washington, DC 20006
(202) 331-5800

Go par for par against other teams during this golf-themed drinking game. Instead of sinking golf balls, each team must sink an ever-increasing amount of drinks. For example, in order to get a par three for a “hole,” a player must drink three shots. Teams may start off at any hole that they choose and are encouraged to pick their best drinker, er player for each hole. All drinks for that hole must be consumed before a team can advance in the game. Teams who play all 18 holes within one week receive a team plaque in the bar, t-shirts and a $20 gift certificate for each player. Can’t finish the game in a week? The bar keeps tabs on your team’s score after each visit for up to three months. After that, the tournament starts all over again.

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Tackle Box
3245 M St.
Washington, DC 20007
(202) 337-TBOX

DC’s first and only lobster shack is also home to flip-cup tournaments. To get in on the action, head upstairs to the Crackle Bar where you will also enjoy happy hour specials like $1 oysters and $2 margarita as well as big screen televisions, buoys and bamboo floors. For those who like to watch all the action, the bar offers plenty of stools to perch on and provides a bird’s eye view of the streets of Georgetown as well.

 Best Bars With Drinking Games In The DC Area

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Icons Fairfax Grille and Ballroom
10418 Main St.
Fairfax, VA 22030
(703) 865-6101

Love beer pong? If so, why not make some money from it! Icons in Fairfax hosts regular water pong tournaments where winners receive $200. The bar also features food and drink specials all night long including $5 appetizers. With daily happy hour specials and more than 40 high definition televisions, Icons makes the perfect spot to enjoy professional sporting events too. Other special events hosted at the bar include ladies night, luaus, live bands and celebrity DJs. Celebrating a birthday this month? Enjoy free admission and more for you and your friends.

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 Best Bars With Drinking Games In The DC Area

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The Honi-Honi Bar
19745 Garret Hwy.
Oakland, MD 21550
(301) 387-9700

Whether you like to play flip cup, beer pong or quarters, you will find these drinking games and more at the Honi-Honi Bar. This fun lakefront full-service bar also features happy hour specials, deck dining and a gift shop. Out for the count? Hang around the bar and listen to live entertainment, take over the mic at karaoke night or participate in a number of special events. Check out the Honi-Honi Summer Luau or Deep Creek’s Got Talent, a fundraiser that benefits local charities as well as provides prizes for the top three performers, most talented contestant and top fundraiser.

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