Ask A Washington DC Expert: Tips For Hosting A Baby Shower

August 2, 2013 8:00 AM

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So your friend or relative is pregnant and you want to throw a baby shower for her. Baby showers can be one of the most exciting and intimidating experiences for any host. Once you’ve nailed down the date, time and mom-to-be’s guest list, there’s still so much to do to make the shower an event that mommy will remember. Here are some tips from local DC event planning specialists on how to throw a stellar baby shower.

This party is all about the mom-to-be, so be sure to go over the guest list and her preferences to ensure that it’s a special day for her. Put together a preliminary guest list to ensure that the venue you envisioned is large enough. If not, reach out to friends to ensure that the place you find is large enough to suit your needs.

Rachel Macias of DC Baby Planners says that whatever you do, set a budget. If you can’t cover the costs by yourself, ask if there’s anyone else that can help fund the event either with cash or with a place to throw the party. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time. At least eight weeks in advance is recommended to limit the stress in this celebration. Whatever you do, be sure to keep the mom-to-be and her tastes and preferences in mind. And wherever you can, grab help from your friends and family to not only keep costs down, but to get expert advice from those that know the new mom.

As with any party, Jodi Mororu of EVOKE event planners says to keep it simple. “Remember simple is chic, so focus on the little details with fun seating arrangements, signage and florals.”

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Think of a Theme

For the friends and family that have been to more baby showers than they can count on both hands, adding a fun twist to the ordinary can make for a memorable event for both the mom-to-be and guests. Mororu of EVOKE suggests a “Baby Bath Time” where the gifts are all centered around water-like bath time, pool time or beach vacations. Another idea is “My First Library” where the new mommy will receive an embosser with the phrase, “This book belongs to the library of [baby’s name].” Then all the guests can shower her with their favorite childhood book. For new moms that haven’t yet shared the gender of their child yet, a “Gender Reveal” party would be a fun theme with gender-colored cupcakes or a pink or blue balloon release.

Rachel Macias suggests green gifts as more and more mothers-to-be want eco-friendly products. From organic clothing to non-toxic cleaning products, the sustainable mommy-to-be will need everything like baby blankets and cloth diapers to ensure her child’s carbon footprint is as small as their newborn’s toes.

Be Sure There’s Food

Food is a must at any party. Make sure that your time is appropriate with what you’re serving. If you’ve got a party at brunch, make sure you’ve got enough food for a meal. An afternoon party means light bites as it’s between meals. Organic foods are a must for any green mommy.

Every mom has cravings during her pregnancy. Putting together a menu that highlights the mommy-to-be’s top cravings during her pregnancy will allow others to share in her experience.

Don’t Forget the Guest Book

You’ll want to record which gifts each person has given so that the mommy-to-be can follow up with thank you cards. Adding a guest book where the host or friends can take Polaroids of the event will help to capture the day. It would also be a fun memory to have them share their parental advice or even suggest baby names.

Jodi Moraru
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Jodi Moraru is the founder of EVOKE with 20 years of experience in the event industry. She uses a fresh approach to every event by combining creative concepts with precision and flair. EVOKE is a full-service, event design, planning and management firm in the Washington, DC area. It specializes in weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, corporate and life events.

Rachel Macias
DC Baby Planners
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After having three sons herself, Rachel founded DC’s premier baby planning service, DC Baby Planners. She works to educate new parents on what they should expect from their new baby journey. Rachel is the Washingtonian’s expert for an organized pregnancy based on research and life experiences.

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