Ask A Stylist: Putting Together Your Best Fall Look

October 29, 2013 8:00 AM

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Fall is officially here, and if you’ve been paying attention to what the hot trends are for fall 2013, you’ll know that 1990s teen spirit and plaid, as well as “Grandma Chic,” are in. However, while the fashion industry may have all of its attention focused on New York, Paris, London and Milan for the various fashion week shows, most of America is gearing up for our second favorite pastime – football season. When you think about fall or even fashion, sports team apparel probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind, but with the help of Phillip Bloch, designer, stylist and now creative fashion director for the NFL’s Women’s Apparel collection, Bloch and the NFL are redefining how women can be both stylish and show off their team spirit this fall. We caught up with Bloch to get some background on the NFL Women’s Apparel collection, key fall fashion trends and how women can incorporate both into their wardrobes this fall. So, for all you Washington Redskins fans reading this, make sure to take notes and show off your team spirit this fall while still flaunting the hottest fall trends.

Phillip Bloch
Creative Fashion Director for the NFL Women’s Apparel

Celebrity Stylist, Designer and More

What made you decide to take stab at collaborating on the 2013 NFL Women’s Apparel Collection?

Athletes really are the new celebrities and football is a sport that is loved by men and women equally, with over 45 percent of the NFL fan base–and 1/3 of ticket holders–now being female. Since I am a big fan of women’s fashion, shopping and football, it was the perfect combination for me. I wanted to show women that they can show their team pride, and still stay true to their own personal style. These pieces can be worn every day, not just on game day.”

How are you transitioning trends from high fashion into the football stands?

I’ve always encouraged my celebrity clients and women everywhere to pick trends that work best for their bodies and fit into their lifestyles. Because the NFL female fan base is so diverse, we have a collection that will flatter every woman, no matter their size, age or background.”

Why should people in the fashion world care about what is being worn by athletes?

Athletes come from such diverse backgrounds and often have great personal stories about how they rose to the top. Every person can really relate to these stories and be inspired by them. I think that’s why people tend to be much more inspired to wear something Tom Brady is wearing rather than Brad Pitt.”

What are a few tips for how people can incorporate the collection into their fall wardrobes?

NFL Women’s Apparel is the perfect substitution for your everyday concert tee. Pieces from the collection can be worn under a suit to the office, or paired with a great leather pant or skirt – which is right on trend for the season. Whether you’re hosting a tailgating party or hopping from event to event around town, we definitely have something great for everyone.”

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Do you personally have a favorite piece from the collection? 

I love the Draft Me jersey with the ties and sparkled team name, and anything Super Bowl because it only comes once a year like the Oscars.”

Phillip Bloch wasn’t the only fashion expert we had the chance to catch up with and chat fall fashion. We also had the chance to get Washington DC’s very own Ean Williams, the executive director of D.C. Fashion Week and founder of fashion label Corjor International. Here’s his take on what to look for and incorporate into your fall wardrobe.

Ean Williams

What is this season’s “it” color?

“Emerald green is the ‘IT’ color this season. Winter white and leather are also good options. Plaid prints and high slits are also in.”

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