10 Best DC Foodies to Follow On Twitter

September 5, 2012 6:00 AM

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twitter 10 Best DC Foodies to Follow On Twitter

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From chefs to foodies to policy, DC’s Twitter feeds explode with an array of information about all things edible. Whether you’re vegan or farming cattle yourself, these foodies have the tips, tricks and inside scoop on the D.C. food scene. Here are the 10 most exciting foodie Twitter feeds every Washingtonian should follow.

Twitter and tweeting

Twitter.com is a social networking site in which you may post and read information about pretty much anything. Posts are comprised of 140 characters or less and are similar to a Facebook status update in nature. To get started, visit twitter.com and click on the sign up button. Once you have an account, you may follow other users so their posts will appear in your feed. Each user has a unique handle, for example, Chef Jose Andres uses “chefjoseandres.” When tweeting, you may personally message other Twitter users that you are following and that are following you as well. Direct messages are as simple as using the @ symbol in front of the user name, so if Chef Andres were following you, you could message him by typing in @chefjoseandres in advance of the message. That covers the basics, but for more advanced users, try the hash tag (#), which you may add to each tweet so it appears on twitter.com as a trending topic.

Jose Andres
@chefjoseandresChef Jose Andres D.C.’s hottest Hispanic chef, with some of the top restaurants around, including Jaleo, Oyamel, Zaytinya and Minibar. Andres is great to watch on twitter because he’s so passionate about food. As a pal to Travel Channel’s Anthony Bourdain of “No Reservations” and a frequent traveler, you’ll never find a dull moment in Chef Andres’ life … or his Twitter feed.

Monica Bhide
@mbhideAs a woman who lives what she writes about, Monica Bhide is a frequent contributor to Washington Post and the author of “A Life of Spice.” As someone who is intimately familiar with Indian food and culture, Bhide’ writes about spices and her passion for food. Her tweets range from recipes to personal revelations that are always entertaining and stamped with gorgeous photography.

Mike Isabella
@MikeIsabellaDC After appearing on “Top Chef,” Mike Isabella, formerly of Zaytinya, began his inaugural restaurant of Graffiato and propelled himself to D.C. chef stardom.


Isabella is more popular than ever. His Twitter feed covers the latest and greatest of his movements including events, accolades, pop-up restaurants and food trucks.

Sara Sciammacco
@EWGFoodNewsYou can’t be a Washingtonian without getting involved in politics. The Environmental Working Group’s agriculture and food policy group examines nationwide policy and makes a case for the most sustainable method. It’s the perfect Twitter feed to follow if you’re into food politics or are passionate about the upcoming renewal of the Farm Bill. Any food that makes news will be on the Environmental Working Group’s Twitter feed.

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Tim Carman
@timcarmanTim Carman began his James Beard-winning career at the Washington City Paper and then joined the Washington Post. His quirky and unapologetically personal food experiences are a pleasure to read. Carman’s vast experience with food and years of eating nearly everything D.C. has to offer make him the perfect foodie to watch when you’re looking for something a little different.

Barton Seaver
@bartonseaverAs a National Geographic fellow and author of “Cod and Country,” Barton Seaver is a sustainable seafood expert. Best known for serving lion fish, the spiky, crazy and delicious predator that is one of the few fish he’ll encourage you to eat, this guy is just plain interesting.  His tweets are less about him and more focused on seafood. Covering both national seafood news and information, as well as local D.C. interests, this is the seafood guy to follow.

Olga Berman
@MangoTomatoBerman’s blog, Mango Tomato, focuses on recipes, food photography and cooking tips, but her twitter feed is a very personal experience. She’s always active and tweeting about each moment in her eating experience. For a glimpse in the life of Olga Berman, check out her Twitter feed. If you have a question about ingredients, restaurants or recipes, ask her and she’ll respond quickly.

Lisa Shapiro
@diningindcLisa Shapiro is a foodie with a cause. As the author of the popular blog Dining in D.C., she shares all of her personal restaurant experiences and often features event promos for followers to win fun stuff. If you have a food blog or are thinking about starting one, be sure to join in the monthly Food Blogger Happy Hours Shapiro helps organize the first Wednesday of every month. Follow her to find out when and where the next happy hour will be.

Dara Bunjon
@daracooksDara Bunjon is an experienced foodie with a finger on the pulse of food in D.C. With her own public relations firm, she knows all and is at just about every important D.C. food event. If it’s worth knowing, she’ll write about it. She’s also the expert on D.C.’s favorite second-beltway city of Baltimore. With the vibrant food scene in Baltimore exploding, many Washingtonians are making Baltimore a day trip destination and she’ll tell you what to nosh while you’re there.

Arugula Files
@arugulafilesMary Cunningham knows how to tempt her followers. Her gorgeous photographs bring her recipes and all around food commentary to life. She tweets about everything from recipes to culinary tips. Seeing the visual impact of her photography will motivate any foodie to try her recipes or visit the same market she did. Her post are inspiration and a refreshing look at food.

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Jamie Hardin is the counter-culture Washingtonian in the know. Inspired by food, sustainability issues, and public health, she prides herself on finding DCs off-the-beaten path treasures. When she isnt enjoying organic food or reducing her carbon footprint, Jamies traveling on her scooter or walking her two pit bulls. Her work can be found at Examiner.com.

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