Google: Lack of Email Encryption By Comcast, Verizon Make It Easy For Government SpiesThe volume of email cloaked in encryption technology is rapidly rising as Google, Yahoo, Facebook and other major Internet companies try to shield their users' online communications from government spies and other snoops.
Virgin, Yahoo Founders Plunge $30-Million Into BitcoinBitcoin processing company Bitpay gets $30 million in venture-capital funding from group that includes Richard Branson and Jerry Yang.
Google Exec Says NSA Spying Was A Surprise To HimEric Schmidt tells The Guardian the NSA did not inform him about its data gathering program.
Big Tech Companies Lash Out at Government SnoopingSilicon Valley is escalating pressure on President Barack Obama to curb the U.S. government surveillance programs that vacuum personal information off the Internet and threaten the technology industry's financial livelihood.
Database Discovered With Over 2 Million Stolen Login CredentialsResearchers have found a database with over two million stolen login credentials for popular sites including Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Yahoo.
NSA, FBI Lawyers: Personal Data And Phone Records Must Be Kept By GovernmentThe Obama administration's top national security lawyers on Monday rejected the idea that the government should stop collecting copies of every American's telephone records every day, telling an independent oversight board that it would lose valuable time if each time it launched a terror investigation it had to seek the private billing records from individual phone companies.
Government, Top Websites Battle In Court Over Surveillance DisclosureA federal court should not permit five leading Internet companies to reveal how often they are ordered to turn over information about their customers in national security investigations, the government argued in papers released Wednesday.
Facebook, Yahoo Ask Secret Court To Disclose What Consumer Data Was Given To NSAFacebook and Yahoo are asking a secret court to allow them to disclose data on national security orders the companies have received under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.
Yahoo Passed Google in U.S. Web Visitors in July For the first time in more than two years, more Americans visited Yahoo's websites than Google's in July, according to data from research firm comScore Inc.
Google Asks Obama Administration To Publish More US Gov't Information Google is asking the Obama administration for permission to disclose more details about the U.S. government's demands for email and other personal information transmitted online in an effort to distance itself from an Internet dragnet.
Pres. Obama 'Photo-Bombed' at Florida School Baby kissing is part of the job as a politician, especially during an election year. But at an event at the Daughter Of Zion Jr. Academy in Florida on Tuesday, President Obama wasn't the one doing the kissing.
Yahoo CEO Resigns After Scrutiny Over Resume ScandalYahoo CEO Scott Thompson left the company four months into the job Sunday after more than a week of scrutiny into inaccuracies on his resume and in company filings.

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