File photo of a yacht (Photo credit: SEBASTIEN NOGIER/AFP/Getty Images)

$95 Million Yacht Visits Annapolis Harbor

Take off your shoes. Please. Do it before you step aboard. Ever tried to scrub dirt from teak decking?


File photo of three men convicted of piracy in March 2011.  (credit: Tony Karumba/GettyImages)

Feds Seek Death Penalty In Somali Yacht Hijacking

Federal prosecutors say they will seek the death penalty against three Somalis charged with murder in the fatal shooting of four Americans aboard a hijacked yacht last year, according to a court document unsealed Tuesday.


File photo of a Somali pirate. (credit: ROBERTO SCHMIDT/AFP/Getty Images)

Author Claims Somali Pirates Burned 1 Million Copies Of Book After Hijacking

The author of a novel about a man involved with fraud says in a court filing that Somali pirates burned more than 1 million copies of his book when they hijacked an American yacht, although no evidence supporting his claims has publicly surfaced.