First US Veteran Being Posthumously Honored By Israel For Saving Jews In World War IIThe Nazi soldiers made their orders very clear: Jewish American prisoners of war were to be separated from their fellow brothers in arms and sent to an uncertain fate.
Dozens of Vintage WWII Planes Fly Over D.C.Dozens of vintage military aircraft from World War II will make a flight over the nation's capital to mark the 70th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day.
Researcher: Anne Frank Died Earlier Than Previously ThoughtThe diarist likely died, aged 15, at Bergen-Belsen camp in February 1945, not March, says a researcher at the Anne Frank House museum.
Lawmakers Seek to End Benefits to Former NazisLegislation to stop suspected Nazi war criminals from receiving U.S. Social Security benefits will be introduced soon, the latest response to an Associated Press investigation that revealed millions of dollars have been paid to former Nazis who were forced out of the United States.
World War II Planes Fly Over D.C.Twenty-four World War II-era airplanes flew over Washington in honor of Disabled American Veterans.
Antique Planes Fly Over Arlington Landmarks To Honor VeteransAntique planes -- World War II North American T-6 Texans to be exact -- will fly over the Pentagon and Arlington National Cemetery Friday in honor of the non-profit group Disabled American Veterans.
10 Things You Didn't Know About ChicagoMany know Chicago is known as "the Windy City" and Wrigley Field is one of America's oldest baseball stadiums, but there are a lot of other things about this great city that are not widely known.
Soldier Lost in WWII Being Buried at Arlington National CemeteryAn Army private who went missing in World War II is being buried at Arlington National Cemetery after his remains were recovered seven decades later.
Report: US Trained Alaskans As Secret 'Stay-Behind Agents' Against Russian Invasion
Holocaust Museum Opens UN Archive on WWII Crimes From Adolf Hitler down to the petty bureaucrats who staffed the Nazi death camps, thousands of perpetrators of World War II war crimes were eventually written up in vast reams of investigative files — files that now, for the first time, can be viewed in their entirety by the public.
Holocaust Museum Opens U.N. Archive on WWII War CrimesThe U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington has obtained a full copy of the U.N. War Crimes Commission archive that has largely been locked away for the past 70 years under restricted access at the United Nations.
Report: Feinstein Compares Immigrant Children To Jews Fleeing Nazi GermanySen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., reportedly made a comparison between “boatloads of Jewish immigrants” turned away from the U.S. as they attempted escape from Nazi Germany and the current influx of illegal immigrants coming across the border today.

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