Pope Francis Sends Letter To Joke Website: 'I Like To Laugh A Lot'Father Andrew Small wrote a letter to the Vatican about launching a website that will allow people to contribute jokes for a great cause.
Maryland to Keep Testing Health Exchange WebsiteMaryland's information technology secretary says the state will be testing how well its revamped health exchange website can handle thousands of users over different periods of time.
App Shows Va. Residents Dangers of Not Evacuating During HurricaneA mobile application and website created by Old Dominion University is designed to encourage tourists and residents in Virginia to evacuate during a major hurricane.
US Subpoenas Oregon Insurance Website Documents The governor's office says federal prosecutors have subpoenaed state records for a grand jury investigation of the troubled Cover Oregon health insurance website.
Maryland To Revamp Flawed Health ExchangeState health officials voted to replace the technology in their health exchange website.
Tech Expert: 'It's Going To Cost A Lot Of Tax Dollars' To Fix Obamacare WebsiteTechnology experts say healing what ails the Healthcare.gov website will be a tougher task than the Obama administration acknowledges.
Daley: Dropping Sebelius Right Now Would Be 'Like Firing Capt. Smith On The Titanic After It Hit The Iceberg'President Barack Obama’s former White House chief of staff believes firing Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius right now would be the equivalent of letting the Titanic captain go after he hit the iceberg.
Obama: Health Care Website 'Hasn't Worked As Smoothly As It Was Supposed To Work'President Barack Obama admits that there have been issues with healthcare.gov since it was launched three weeks ago.
Demand For 'Book Of Mormon' Crashes Kennedy Center WebsiteHigh demand for tickets to Broadway's hit musical "The Book of Mormon" has been stressing the Kennedy Center's website in recent weeks.
FBI Starts Website to Help Catch Bank Robbers The FBI has launched a website aimed at catching bank robbers.
Circuit City Website Going Away The last remnants of electronics retailer Circuit City is going away.
DNC Homepage Shows More Romney Attack Ads Than Obama AccomplishmentsThe Democratic National Committee homepage has numerous attack ads against presumptive Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, far more than news touting President Obama’s accomplishments in office.

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