Warren Buffett Might Have Considered Buying the RedskinsThe Redskins could have been owned by a far different billionaire.
Report: Buffett Could Lose $1 Billion After IBM Shares PlummetWarren Buffett is reportedly on the path to lose $1 billion due to IBM shares plummeting.
Buffett: Investors Shouldn't Sell Stocks Over Russia's Invasion Of UkraineInvestor Warren Buffett says the economy continues the steady improvement that began in fall of 2009 and he remains optimistic despite Russia's advance into Ukraine.
Buffett Says He Passed On Buying Washington PostInvestor Warren Buffett says he didn't buy the Washington Post because he didn't want it to be a burden on his company or family.
Buffett Says Allowing U.S. Default Would Be 'Act of Idiocy' Billionaire Warren Buffett says it would be idiocy for the nation's leaders to allow the United States to default on its bills.
Around The World, Investors And Companies Shrug At US DefaultWarren Buffett likens it to a nuclear attack. Economists warn that government spending on programs like Social Security would plunge. The Treasury says the economy would slide into a recession worse than the last.
Washington Post Sale Ends Buffett's Longtime Stake In PaperWarren Buffett's company's longtime stake in the Washington Post newspaper will end when the publication is sold to Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos.
Graham: 'I Hope The Post Makes a Tremendous Amount of Money for Jeff's Sake'Giving a behind-the-scenes breakdown of the events leading up to the Washington Post sale to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, Post Co. chairman and chief executive Donald Graham explained how the new “technologist” is the paper’s best chance to thrive after 80 years of Graham family ownership.
Md. 5th Grader To Present Business Idea to Warren BuffettLots of Howard County students like to read, but not all of them are working with the Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship to market that passion in front of billionaires.
Buffett: Unemployment Report Won't ImpressInvestor Warren Buffett says the economy and U.S. job market continue to improve, but slowly.
Buffett: 'Banks Will Not Get This Country In Trouble'Billionaire Warren Buffett says American banks are stronger than they've been in years, and won't derail the economy.
Buffett: 'Corporate Taxes Have Not Been A Problem For Corporate America'Billionaire Warren Buffett said Wednesday he's confident that Congress will eventually pass a plan to address the so-called fiscal cliff, even if it doesn't happen until early next year.

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