Voting Rights for Ex-Felons Take Step Forward in SenateA bill is moving forward in the General Assembly that would restore an ex-felon's voting rights while he is on parole or probation.
Ex-Offenders Pushing for Voting Rights in MarylandFormer inmates and community advocates in Maryland are pushing for voting rights for felons upon their release from prison.
D.C. to Push Voting Rights Support in New Hampshire A D.C. councilmember is in New Hampshire to try to get support for District of Columbia voting rights in Congress.
Holder Calls On States To Restore Voting Rights To Ex-FelonsAttorney General Eric Holder called on a group of states Tuesday to restore voting rights to ex-felons, part of a push to fix what he sees as flaws in the criminal justice system that have a disparate impact on racial minorities.
Obama Meets With Faith Group Leaders President Barack Obama has met with leaders of faith organizations and civil rights activists at the White House to discuss the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.
Gov't to Sue Texas Over Voter ID Law The Justice Department said Thursday it will sue Texas over the state's voter ID law and will seek to intervene in a lawsuit over the state's redistricting laws.
Striking Back Against Court's Voting Rights Ruling The Obama administration opened an aggressive new front in the battle over voter protection Thursday, singling out Texas for legal action and promising broader efforts to come after last month's Supreme Court ruling that wiped out a major provision of the Voting Rights Act.
Voting Rights Returned to Nonviolent Va. FelonsThe door is open for tens of thousands of nonviolent felons in Virginia to regain their right to vote.
Civil Rights Groups Seek Restoration of Felons' Rights in Va.Two civil rights groups are urging Gov. Bob McDonnell to sign an executive order restoring the voting rights of about 350,000 felons who have completed their sentences.
Virginia Governor Restores Scooter Libby's Voting RightsFormer vice presidential adviser I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby is among more than 1,000 felons whose voting rights were restored in the past year by Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, according to a report to the General Assembly.
Va. House Panel Rejects Felons' Voting Rights Bill Gov. Bob McDonnell's plea for legislation making it easier for some felons to regain their voting rights was rejected Monday by his fellow Republicans.
Opinion: Republicans Finally Admitting To Voter Suppression EffortsIt is not news when Republicans try to block access to the ballot box for poor, minority and elderly voters. What is unusual is that Republicans are admitting it.

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