Virginia Public Schools

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Virginia Board of Education OKs Letter-Based Grading System

Virginia education officials will soon use a letter-based system to grade the state’s public schools.


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Va. Senate Panel Advances 3 School Safety Bills

A Virginia legislative committee has advanced three bills intended to improve school safety.


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Va. Senate OKs A-to-F Grading Scale for Schools

Gov. Bob McDonnell’s proposal to grade schools on the same A-to-F scale used for students has barely won General Assembly approval.


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Va. Second Grader Brings Handgun To School

Henrico County police say a second-grader brought a handgun to an elementary school.


File photo of an empty classroom. (credit: KAZUHIRO NOGI/AFP/Getty Images)

Va. Public Schools May Soon Be Graded on A-F Scale

Virginia public schools will get the same kind of report cards their students take home if legislation endorsed Wednesday by a House of Delegates committee becomes law.


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Va. School Safety Task Force Members Named

Nearly four dozen people have been named to a Virginia panel reviewing school policies and procedures, as well as funding and resource challenges, to ensure the safety of students and educators.


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Virginia Legislation Calls For School P.E. Guidelines

Pediatrician groups and other health advocates are claiming a small victory in their efforts to press for physical education in Virginia’s public schools.