Virginia House of Delegates

The Death Chamber at a correctional facility. (credit: Mike Simons/Getty Images)

Va. House Defeats Bill Allowing Lethal-Injection Drug Secrecy

The Virginia House of Delegates has defeated legislation that would allow companies providing drugs for lethal-injection executions to keep their identities and the drugs’ components secret.


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Va. House Votes to Keep Ban on Brass Knuckles, Other Weapons

The Virginia House of Delegates has changed its mind on whether the state ought to continue banning brass knuckles, throwing stars and other old school weapons.


University of Virginia Students Sign

Va. House Supports Limiting University Athletic Fees

The Virginia House of Delegates has given preliminary approval to a bill that would cap student athletic fees at the state’s public universities.


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Va. House Approves ‘East Sea’ Textbook Change

A bill requiring textbooks used by Virginia students to note that the Sea of Japan is also known as the East Sea is headed to Gov. Terry McAuliffe.


File photo of a polling station. (credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images)

2 Incumbents Lose, But GOP Keeps Virginia House Majority

At least two Republican incumbents lost, but the GOP turned back most challenges by Democrats to retain a solid majority in the Virginia House of Delegates.


Virginia State Capitol house in Richmond. (Credit: Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

Va. House Speaker Voids Senate GOP Remap Amendment

House Speaker Bill Howell has derailed a surprise power play by Senate Republicans to redraw Virginia’s 40 Senate districts to their advantage.


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Va. House Passes Bill to Grade Schools From A to F

The House of Delegates has passed legislation that would assign letter grades to public schools in Virginia just as teachers grade students from A to F.


Tim Tebow (credit: Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

Va. House Passes ‘Tebow Bill’

The House of Delegates has passed legislation Thursday to allow home-schooled students to play public school sports, but the measure faces an uncertain fate in the Senate.


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Va. House Confirms State’s First Openly Gay Judge

The Virginia House of Delegates has voted overwhelmingly to confirm Tracy Thorne-Begland of Richmond as the state’s first openly gay judge.