D.C. Trial Opens in Case of Slain Journalist Opening statements are expected in the trial of a German man charged with murdering his 91-year-old wife, a journalist and socialite.
Trial Postponed in Case of Slain German Journalist A murder trial has been postponed in the death of an elderly German journalist and socialite in the District of Columbia.
German Man Accused in Wife's Death Seeks Dismissal A lawyer for a German man charged with killing his 91-year-old wife has asked a judge to dismiss the case, saying law enforcement authorities failed to preserve and turn over evidence that might help his defense.
Man Charged in Death of Elderly Wife Ready to Stand Trial A German man charged with killing his 91-year-old wife has told a judge in a handwritten note that he is "willing, able and ready" for the murder trial.
D.C. Judge Postpones Murder Trial for Hunger Striking DefendantA District of Columbia judge has set a December trial date for a German man charged with killing his elderly wife.
Albrecht Muth's Trial To Continue With Him in the HospitalA District of Columbia judge says he plans to move forward with a trial for a German man charged in his wife's death, even if the defendant is absent from the courtroom.
Competency Finding Challenged In Socialite's Death Defense lawyers said Thursday they would challenge a finding that a German man is competent to stand trial in the killing of his much older wife inside their Washington home.
German Man Charged In D.C. Slaying Of 91-Year-Old Socialite Wife Due In CourtA District of Columbia man charged with killing his wife inside their Georgetown row home is due in court.

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