Opinion: Joe Biden Schooled Paul Ryan With Facts And SubstanceMitt Romney's apprentice salesman stepped on the stage last night and delivered his talking points, but little more. Throughout the night, Joe Biden delivered lesson after lesson to the ambitious young Congressman from Wisconsin.
Opinion: Ryan-Biden Vice Presidential Debate Necessarily SpiritedBoth candidates did what they had set out to do. Biden reached out to his base, and Ryan spoke to those who don’t like the direction the country is headed. Republicans are likely not happy that Ryan didn’t deliver the knock-out debate Mitt Romney did a week ago while Democrats are, as previously stated, ecstatic Biden didn’t have a bad night.
Fact Checking Vice Presidential DebateFact checking the Vice Presidential debate between Joseph Biden and Paul Ryan. Plus, video of the entire debate.
Ryan To Biden: 'I Know You're Under A Lot Of Duress To Make Up For Lost Ground'
Ryan Says Nobody Wants US Troops In Syria Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan says nobody is proposing sending U.S. troops to Syria.
Biden To Ryan: 'Now You're Jack Kennedy'While clashing over the economy Thursday night at the vice presidential debate, former President John F. Kennedy got mentioned.
Ryan To Middle Class: Obama Tax Hike Coming To You
VP Debate: Biden, Ryan At Each Other In A Moment At odds in an instant, Republican Paul Ryan cited the death of the U.S. ambassador in Libya as evidence Thursday night that the administration's foreign policy is unraveling. Vice President Joe Biden shot back in campaign debate, "That is a bunch of malarkey."
Biden: 'I Always Say What I Mean'Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan went after Vice President Biden over his susceptibility to gaffes during the vice presidential debate Thursday night.
Ryan To Biden: U.S. Ambassador In Paris Has Guard, Why Not In Benghazi?During a discussion of the attack in Libya at the 2012 Vice Presidential debate, Republican candidate Paul Ryan asked current Vice President Joe Biden why U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens did not have more security surrounding him.
Opinion: Biden Must Box In Ryan In The VP Debate And Hold Him Accountable For Mitt FlopsFirst, try to make Paul Ryan look inexperienced and un-Presidential and, two, hold the Romney/Ryan ticket accountable for their ever changing policies and focus on Mitt Romney as someone that cannot be trusted.

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