US Government Sues Sprint For Alleged False Wiretap ClaimsFederal officials filed a lawsuit Monday alleging that Sprint Communications Inc. overbilled government agencies $21 million for wiretap services, alleging that the telecom giant inflated its bills by 58 percent in false claims for "carrying out court orders authorizing wiretaps, pen registers, and trap devices."
Justice Department Will Monitor FL And WI PrimariesThe Justice Department routinely deploys observers to monitor elections across the country, with an eye toward discriminatory voting practices, harassment and intimidation.
Apple's Market Clout Likely To Draw Anti-Trust Scrutinyn everything it does, from product design to business deals, Apple strives for as much control as possible. But as the world's most valuable company sets out to define and dominate the rapidly evolving markets it created with the iPhone and iPad, Apple is likely to face antitrust regulators who want to curb its power.

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