Being Uninsured In America Will Cost More In 2015 (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Being Uninsured In America Will Cost More In 2015

Being uninsured in America will cost you more in 2015.


A doctor wears a stethoscope during an examination. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Study: 28 Percent Of Americans Plan To Pay Fine Instead Of Getting Obamacare

A recent poll has found that more than a quarter of all uninsured people in the United States plan to stay that way.


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Where Are The Uninsured In America?

Massachusetts has lowest percentage of uninsured residents with only 4.5 percent; Texas has the highest with 28.8 percent. Generally the highest uninsured rates can be found in the South and West.


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Who Are The Uninsured In America?

Young adults 19-34 years of age represent the group most likely to be uninsured. More than three-quarters of uninsured Americans come from working families.


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Promise Of Price Cut On Hospital Bills For Uninsured Under ‘Obamacare’ In Limbo

Huge list prices charged by hospitals are drawing increased attention, but a federal law meant to limit what the most financially vulnerable patients can be billed doesn’t seem to be making much difference.