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Attempt to Repeal Abortion Ultrasound Law Fails in Senate

A Republican-controlled state Senate committee has defeated an attempt to repeal a 2012 law requiring a woman seeking an abortion to undergo an ultrasound procedure first.


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FDA: Avoid Fetal ‘Keepsake’ Images

The FDA is warning moms and dads-to-be that “over-the-counter” ultrasounds for the purpose of fetal keepsake images and videos should be avoided.


U.S. Supreme Court members pose for photographs in 2010. (credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Supreme Court Won’t Intervene After Okla. Court Strikes Down Ultrasound Law For Women Seeking Abortions

For the second time in two weeks, the U.S. Supreme Court is letting stand a ruling by Oklahoma’s Supreme Court striking down a law intended to further restrict abortions.


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GOP Will Hammer ‘Obamacare,’ Dems ‘Ultrasound’ Law In Virginia Campaigns

Expect the year’s hot-button health care debate to play into this year’s Virginia campaigns for Congress, the U.S. Senate and even the White House.


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Gov. Bob McDonnell Signs Abortion Ultrasound Bill Into Law

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell on Wednesday signed into law a controversial bill that requires women to have abdominal ultrasound exams before undergoing abortions.


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Virginia Abortion Ultrasound Mandate Heads For Governor’s Desk

The most emotionally charged bill of Virginia’s 2012 General Assembly mandating ultrasound exams for women seeking abortions has cleared its final legislative hurdle and is on its way to Gov. Bob McDonnell’s expected signature.


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Virginia Senate Delays Vote On Ultrasound Bill

Senate Republicans in Virginia may vote as early as today on a House bill that requires women seeking abortions to undergo an ultrasound.


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Va. Gov. Bob McDonnell Softens Stance On Abortion Ultrasound Legislation

Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell has come out against a bill that would require transvaginal ultrasounds for women seeking abortions.