Appeals Court Strikes Down Va. Anti-Sodomy LawA federal appeals court has ruled Virginia's anti-sodomy law unconstitutional.
Court: Va. Airport Stripping Lawsuit Can Move ForwardA federal appeals court says a lawsuit filed by a man arrested after stripping to his running shorts at a Richmond airport checkpoint to protest security procedures can move forward.
Supreme Court: Can Police Detain Without Warrant? The Supreme Court will decide whether police can follow and detain a suspect while they wait for a search warrant, even after the suspect leaves the area that the police want to search.
Corporate Campaign Donations Law Before Appeals Court In VirginiaA judge's ruling striking down the ban on corporate contributions to federal candidates is up for review by an appeals court in Virginia.
U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Hears 11 Virginia Prisoners Claiming Unfair Parole DenialA lawsuit claiming thousands of Virginia inmates have been unfairly denied parole is going before a federal appeals court in Richmond.

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