Rupert Murdoch Apologizes For Tweet Suggesting Obama Isn't 'A Real Black President'Rupert Murdoch is apologizing after suggesting President Barack Obama isn’t a “real black president.”
Study: Tweets Reveal Income And Social Status Of UsersResearchers found Twitter users who have more followers and mention politics and business more often tend to have higher incomes.
How to Start Your Own Travel BlogFive helpful tips to help you get started on creating your own travel blog
A Snapshot of Anthony Rendon's First Hours on TwitterNationals' Anthony Rendon has finally joined Twitter. But will he stay?
Study: How You Tweet Reveals Your Political LeaningsYou can tell someone’s political opinion on Twitter partly by how much they swear or mention God, says a new study.
Twitter Shuts Off Access To Political Transparency OrganizationTwitter has blocked access to over two dozen accounts that chronicle and archive deleted tweets of politicians and diplomats.
Hillary Clinton's Student Debt Emoji Tweet BackfiresHillary Clinton’s emoji tweet about student debt backfires.
TSA Employee Tweets Photo Of Passenger's Confiscated $75,000 CashA Transportation Security Administration spokesperson has been criticized after tweeting a photo of a passenger’s luggage showing $75,000 cash in their bag.
Caitlyn Jenner-Inspired Twitter-Bot Correcting Users That Refer To 'Her' As 'Him'Vanity Fair on Monday released its July cover photo of Oympic gold medal winner Caitlyn Jenner formerly known as Bruce.
Top 7 Silly Questions #AskPOTUS Didn't AnswerPresident Obama fielded questions about climate change on Twitter, but not everyone wanted to be serious during his Twitter chat.
Obama, Hillary Clinton Not Following Each Other On TwitterPresident Barack Obama has nearly 2 million Twitter followers since launching his first tweet Monday morning, but one of them isn’t his former secretary of state.
President Obama Gets Own Twitter FeedPresident Obama took to social media with his first official @POTUS Twitter account.
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