'Selfie,' 'Twerk' Top School's Annoying Word List A Michigan university has issued its annual list of annoying words, and those flexible enough to take selfies of themselves twerking should take note.
Annapolis High School's 'Dance Contract' Prohibits TwerkingIf you can't stop or won't stop twerking (we're looking at you, Miley), Annapolis High School will kick you out of the dance.
'Twerk' and 'Selfie' Among New Oxford Dictionary WordsThe Oxford Dictionary adds new words to its online database once per quarter, and the most recent crop brings just one term to mind. Seriously? Or should we say Srsly?
Intwerking: Junkies Intern Twerks, EB Inexplicably Removes His PantsThe Junkies finally discovered "Twerking" about three years after everybody else, and had an expert on hand to demonstrate the artful dance ... basically they had an intern bend over on a chair and dance for them in-studio.

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