No Checks In The Mail: IRS Will No Longer Accept Checks For $100 MillionThe IRS says check-processing equipment at the nation's Federal Reserve banks can't handle checks that big.
Which Woman Should Appear on $10 Bill? Lew Will Weigh IdeasSpeculation is rising over which American woman will be chosen to grace the $10 bill, which has featured Alexander Hamilton since 1929.
Woman Will Be on the $10 Bill by 2020, Treasury Department SaysA $10 bill featuring a woman is expected to be unveiled in 2020, the Department of the Treasury has announced.
CBO: US Set For Narrowest Budget Gap Since 2008The U.S. government ran a big surplus in April, thanks to a flood of tax payments that helped keep the budget on track for the lowest annual deficit in six years.
Treasury: Jack Lew Is Resting Comfortably After Outpatient SurgerySecretary Jack Lew underwent surgery to treat a benign enlarged prostate.
Foreign Holdings Of US Treasury Debt Hit Record HighForeign buyers of U.S. Treasury securities increased their holdings to a record in December even though the two largest holders of U.S. government debt — China and Japan — reduced their shares.
Treasury's Lew: 'Scary' Budget Fight 'Can't Happen Again'Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew says the just-resolved budget fight was "a little bit scary" because it "got close to the edge," and the lesson has to be that U.S. won't be put in that position again.
Around The World, Investors And Companies Shrug At US DefaultWarren Buffett likens it to a nuclear attack. Economists warn that government spending on programs like Social Security would plunge. The Treasury says the economy would slide into a recession worse than the last.
Dem Rep: Republicans Have Launched 'Kamikaze Mission' To Shut Down Government, EconomyUnder relentless pressure from their right wing, Republicans are in the midst of a risky fight with President Barack Obama they know they will lose, little more than a year before an election that history says they should win.
IRS: Legally Married Gay Couples Can File Joint Tax ReturnsMarried same-sex couples will be treated the same as opposite -sex couples for tax purposes, the Obama administration announced Thursday -- whether they come out ahead or not.
House Dem: Documents Show IRS Probe Was Flawed The Treasury Department investigator whose probe of the Internal Revenue Service's treatment of tea party groups helped fuel a national uproar failed to tell Congress that his own investigators found no evidence that the targeting of conservatives was politically motivated, a top House Democrat said Friday.
Obama Administration Delays 'Obamacare' Employer Mandate Until 2015The Obama administration announced Tuesday that it will delay the Affordable Care Act’s mandate for employers to provide health insurance until 2015.

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