train derailment

Smoke rises from a derailed train May 28, 2013 in White Marsh, Maryland.  The cargo train crashed into a garbage truck near Baltimore and exploded after it derailed.  (credit: Steve Ruark/Getty Images)

CSX: Md. Train Explosion Caused By Chemical Cargo

rain operator CSX Transportation on Wednesday pointed to a hazardous chemical in a rail car as the source of an explosion on a derailed train near Baltimore that sparked a fire, rattled homes and damaged buildings.


(credit: George Mesthos/All-News 99.1 WNEW)

Explosion Reported After Md. Train Derailment

Baltimore County fire officials say a train has derailed in a Baltimore suburb and an explosion was heard in the area.


Credit: National Transportation Safety Board

Derailed Train In Ellicott City Caused $2.2 Million In Damages

Weeks after a deadly train crash claimed the lives of two teenage girls in Ellicott City and transportation officials reveal the derailment caused $2.2 million in damages.


Credit: National Transportation Safety Board

Roads Reopen Following Fatal Train Derailment

Authorities in Ellicott City have reopened Main Street four days after a train derailment that killed two women.


Credit: WNEW reporter Kevin Patrick

Fatal CSX Train Derailment Prompting Safety Review

Howard County Executive Ken Ulman says a train derailment that killed two teenagers in Maryland’s Ellicott City has prompted a safety review.


Credit: National Transportation Safety Board

Investigator: Md. CSX Train Was Going Authorized Speed

A coal train that derailed in Maryland was going the authorized speed of 25 miles per hour with an engineer-in-training at the controls before the accident that killed two young women, a federal investigator said Wednesday.


Credit: National Transportation Safety Board

Teen Girls Tweet Minutes Before Dying In CSX Train Derailment

Two women were killed when a train went off the rails in the overnight hours in Maryland.


Credit: National Transportation Safety Board

Fatal CSX Train Derailment Disrupts Verizon Service

A fatal CSX train derailment disrupted land-line service to customers, including some government clients, Verizon Communications Inc. says.


Credit: JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images

More Details Expected On Metro Train Derailment

More details are expected to emerge about a partial derailment of a Metro train in Prince George’s County last week.