14 New D.C. Speed Cameras Now Issuing Tickets, FinesMore than a dozen speed cameras targeting heavy-footed drivers in the District are officially active.
Nesting Platform Installed For Pesky Osprey Blocking Bay Bridge Traffic CamMaryland transportation officials have installed a nesting platform for a persistent osprey who built nests that blocked traffic cameras by the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.
Md. Considers Nesting Platform For Ospreys Maryland transportation officials say they're considering building a nesting platform for ospreys who insist on building and rebuilding nests in front of a traffic camera pointed at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.
Workers Remove Ospreys' Nest Near Bay Bridge, Birds Rebuild A pair of ospreys whose nest had been removed by state transportation workers because it was blocking a traffic camera rebuilt the nest, only to have it removed again.
Grace Period for Newly Activated Traffic Cameras in D.C. to End
Grace Period for Newly Activated Traffic Cameras in D.C. to EndThe grace period for about 100 traffic cameras activated in the District last month is ending.
Speed Camera Firm Refunding $27,000 in Md.Police in Hagerstown say a speed camera contractor will refund more than $27,000 for about 800 speeding tickets because it failed to get its equipment inspected as often as state law requires.

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