Tom Verducci

St Louis Cardinals v Washington Nationals

Struggling Strasburg Has ‘Ace-Type Stuff’ But Isn’t An Ace

Along with a surprising 10-11 start, the Nationals have seen an uncharacteristically slow start from ace starting pitcher Stephen Strasburg (1-4), who may not be a staff ace after all, at least according to MLB Network’s Tom Verducci.


Division Series - Washington Nationals v St Louis Cardinals - Game One

Verducci: Bryce Harper Goes Cover-to-Cover in 3.5 Years

Bryce Harper has gone from ‘the most exciting prodigy since LeBron’ to the guy with ‘some seriously monumental numbers’ on his mind in the three and half years between his Sports Illustrated covers. And as Tom Verducci of SI told Holden and Danny, it’s as simple as playing the game with the passion we would all imagine ourselves playing with.