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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's profile has increased on the national scene since his recall election win Tuesday. (credit: Getty Images)

GOP Strategist: ‘Sky Is The Limit’ For Republican Darling Walker

With the added layer of passion surrounding Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and his win comes speculation regarding Walker’s role as the hot Republican figure of the moment, what awaits him following the recall and if Mitt Romney and the Republican Party can ride the momentum gained in Wisconsin through the summertime stops on the campaign trail.


File photo of presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney. (credit: Getty Images)

Romney: Voters Backed Conservative Values In Wisconsin

Mitt Romney said Wednesday that conservatives should be emboldened by the failed attempt to recall Wisconsin’s Republican governor.


With Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker surviving the recall election, Republican leaders such as Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell believe Mitt Romney could turn Wisconsin red. (credit: Getty Images)

Virginia Gov.: Walker Win Gives Romney Shot At Wisconsin

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell says the solid GOP win in the Wisconsin recall puts the state in play for Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney this fall.