Tim Tebow bill

The term "Tebow bill" is a reference to NFL quarterback Tim Tebow, who was home-schooled but played high school football and went on to win a Heisman Trophy at the University of Florida. Credit: Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Senate Panel Sacks ‘Tebow’ Homeschooling Bill Again

The so-called Tebow bill — legislation that would allow home-schooled children to play varsity sports for teams at public schools they choose not to attend — has been thrown for a loss in Virginia’s Senate.


Legislation has been passed by the Virginia state government to allow home-schooled children to play for varsity sports teams for public schools. (credit: Getty Images)

‘Tebow Bill’ Completes House Passage, On To Senate

Legislation that would let home-schooled Virginia children play on varsity teams of public schools they don’t attend has won final House passage.