The Matrix

Trinity, professional hacker [from The Matrix]

‘Matrix’ vs. ‘Pacific Rim’ in This Week’s Battle of Free vs. Fee

Summer movie festivals should continue to keep you out of the theaters, and out of your wallet this weekend, with timeless classics like The Matrix Trilogy on display free of charge.


Actor Keanu Reeves poses during a photocall. (Credit: FRANCOIS GUILLOT/AFP/Getty Images)

The Junkies Have a Blind Spot for The Matrix

It should come as no surprise to Junkies listeners that the four donks from P.G. County are getting up there. So when they were asked to name which movie Neo, Morpheus and Agent Smith were in, what do you think happened? It’s only one of the biggest box office smashes of all-time…


Trinity, professional hacker [from The Matrix]

Free Movie Weekend: Enter The Matrix

From brand-new inductees to the National Film Registry to high-minded European documentaries to certified schlock, the Washington region is getting right back into the new year with a wide range of free movies coming soon to a theater, museum… or bar… near you.