Study: Distracted Drivers Using Social MediaDistracted drivers are no longer just texting and talking on their cellphones in their car -- now, they're using social media and surfing the internet.
New Radar Gun to Help Police Detect Texting DriversNew technology would allow police to detect radio signals emanating from cell phones to tell if a driver is texting on the road.
Texting-While-Driving Law Nets 725 Convictions in VirginiaVirginia has recorded 725 convictions during the first six months of a texting-while-driving law, which made the distracted-driving practice a primary offense.
328 Drivers Cited for Texting in Va. Since July 1 More than 300 motorists have been cited for texting while driving in Virginia since a new law went into effect July 1.
Use of Handheld Phone While Driving Becomes Primary Offense in Md. Oct. 1Maryland will soon be among the U.S. states that prohibit handheld cell phone use while driving.
Big 4 Cellphone Carriers Unite on Anti-Texting AdsThe country's four biggest cellphone companies are set to launch their first joint advertising campaign against texting while driving.
Study: Distracted Driving Deaths UnderreportedSeventeen-year-old Kelsey Raffaele's last words were over a cellphone to a friend: "I'm going to crash!" The car she was driving had clipped a snow bank and spun into oncoming traffic, where it was T-boned by an SUV.
Va. Lawmakers Scale Back Higher Texting FinesVirginia lawmakers have approved Gov. Bob McDonnell's proposal to scale back the hefty fines they passed for texting while driving.
Va. Texting Bill Wins Final Legislative Approval Legislation to toughen the penalties for texting while driving is on its way to Gov. Bob McDonnell's desk.
Virginia Panels Advance Distracted Driver PenaltiesLegislation that would crack down on people who try to text while driving seems to be on the fast track to becoming law.
Virginia Passes Bills on Texting While Driving Both chambers of the General Assembly have approved legislation to toughen penalties for texting while driving.
Texting While Driving Could Lead to Jail Time in Va.Bills to crack down on texting while driving in Virginia are coming up for a vote in a Senate committee.

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