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Once The Stuff Of Science Fiction, Jetpacks May Soon Go On Sale In Stores

New Zealand company Martin Aircraft says it is 12-18 months away from selling individual jetpacks to consumers…for a hefty price.


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Top 5 Apps To Help You Go Green

If you’re ready to take your overall going green experience to the next level, check out some of these apps that can help you reduce your harmful impacts on earth.


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Stanford Scientists Develop Batteries That Are Greener, Last Longer Than Today’s Batteries

Scientists at Stanford University said they have developed a high-performance aluminum-ion battery that could replace the alkaline and lithium-ion batteries that are used to power devices today.


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New Technology at Towson Shop Restores Soaked Phones

Has your phone ever died after accidentally going for a plunge in the toilet or sink? A new technology claims to bring phones back from the dead.


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Travel Apptitude: Best Apps For Planning Your Trip

Need a hand planning your next trip? These five apps will have you all packed up and ready to go in no time.


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Navy Unveils Firefighting Robot

The Shipboard Autonomous Firefighting Robot is capable of putting out ship-board fires in places that would be too dangerous for sailors.


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Chief Justice: Courts Will Be Slow To Embrace ‘The Next Big Thing’

John Roberts says court system is necessarily slow to adopt new technology to protect the rights of those who dont have the latest gadgets.


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Expert Warns Doing This While Checking Your Messages Can Cause ‘Email Apnea’

Like sleep apnea, email apnea puts people at risk for a variety of illnesses, such as stroke, heart attack and diabetes, expert believe.


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Survey: Most Americans Would Like Drones To Deliver Their Holiday Purchases

CNet poll also finds techies planning to spend $710 on holiday shopping this year, most of that online.


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New For 2014: The Best Apps For Holiday Shopping Deals

Use your smartphone to truly maximize your holiday shopping. From coupon finders to shopping lists, these apps have everything you need to get the best savings.