Tax Day

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3 Things You Can Still Do To Lower Your 2014 Tax

Here are three things you can still do now — before filing your 2014 return — that can lower your taxes even more.


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​Why You Might Need A Tax Pro This Year

As the IRS budget continues to be cut, its services are collapsing.


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3 Mistakes To Avoid On Your 2014 Tax Return

If you haven’t already begun, now’s the time to prepare for filing your 2014 tax returns.


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Select Post Offices Extend Hours for Tax Day

Several U.S. Post Offices throughout the D.C. area are staying open late on Monday for tax purposes.


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List Of Post Offices Staying Open Late For Tax Day

The days of the Post Office staying open until the midnight tax deadline are gone. Indeed, we live in a digital world where taxes may be filed from home using a wide variety of software or even the official IRS website.


Tea Party favorite Christine O'Donnell looks on during one of Mitt Romney's stump speeches. (credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

3 Years Later, What’s Become Of The Tea Party?

Dead the tea party is not. Changed? Perhaps. But still very much alive.


Tax Day

Ligher Side Of Taxes

Crunching the numbers driving you crazy as the as the deadline to file your 2010 Taxes approaches? We’ve come up with a few ways to relieve some of that stress.



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