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NASHVILLE, TN - AUGUST 9: A Tennessee Titans fan sits in the rain while waiting for the start of a preseason NFL game against the Green Bay Packers at LP Field on August 9, 2014 in Nashville, Tennessee.

19 Ways To Pass Time While Waiting For NFL Opening Day

Just when you thought the NFL was back, it takes the weekend off. Here are 19 ways to pass the time while waiting for opening day.



TTYM: Ron Burgundy Mocks Peyton Manning And An Old Man Kicks A Coed In The Kisser

   by @TaraLipinskyMore Columns here. In this week’s That Thing You Missed watch Ron Burgundy mock Peyton Manning, an NHL player take a face plant, a football fan get kicked in the face and yours truly, Tara […]



Sports Verdict: Which Fans Throw A Better Tailgate? College Football Vs. Pro Football

Tailgate Fan correspondents Nick Stevens and Jerry Miller roam the entire countryside searching for the wildest and most epic tailgates in all of football.



History of Tailgating in Washington

Take a trip down memory lane and commemorate football seasons that have passed as we move closer to what might become an epic moment in the history of the Washington Redskins.



Local Tailgating Party Packages in Washington DC

Hail yeah, the Washington Redskins are number one in the NFC East. If you want to cheer the home team on to the playoffs, but are not too confident in your tailgating abilities, then consider checking out one of these local tailgating party packages in the DC area. These companies will help ensure your tailgate party is a huge success.



Bad Weather Survival Guide to Tailgating in Washington DC

As any DC resident knows, sometimes the weathermen get the forecast just plain wrong. Be prepared with this bad weather survival guide to ensure your tailgating experience at FedEx Field is a safe and enjoyable one no matter what Mother Nature may bring.



A How-to Guide to Build Your Homemade Redskins Fan Tailgating Outfit

Washington Redskins fans know that one of the most important players on the team is the 12th man. In addition to cheering your heart out and singing along to the Redskins fight song, show up at the stadium wearing your team spirit on your sleeve without spending too many bucks.



Best Local Transportation To Get To FedEx Field

Don’t let the traffic woes of the DC Metro area interfere with your passion for the game. Choose from one of these best local transportation companies to get you and your friends to FedEx Field.



How To Stay Safe While Tailgating In Washington, DC

Whether tailgating at FedEx Field, a downtown bar or at a pal’s house, it isn’t always best to throw caution to the wind. While having fun and supporting the Washington Redskins is important, it’s also just as important to stay safe. Follow these tips to have an enjoyable yet risk-free tailgate experience.



The Personalities Of Washington Redskins’ Tailgating Lots

Just like football fans, the Washington Redskins’ FedEx Field parking lots contain a wide variety of personalities. Whether you’re a passionate, long-time supporter of the ‘Skins or an over-enthusiastic newbie in town, FedEx Field has a tailgating lot just for fans like you.