Taco Bell, Pizza Hut: Artificial Ingredients Getting BootedTaco Bell and Pizza Hut say they're getting rid of artificial colors and flavors, making them the latest big food companies scrambling to distance themselves from ingredients people might find unappetizing.
As Tastes Change, Big Food Makers Try Hipster GuisesAt a taco shop in Southern California, milkshakes are served in mason jars and a chalkboard menu lists "The 1%er" made with lobster meat.
Fast Food Protests Expected in Push for Higher Pay Hundreds of workers from McDonald's, Taco Bell, Wendy's and other fast-food chains are expected to walk off their jobs Thursday, according to labor organizers of the latest national protest to push the companies to pay their employees at least $15 an hour.
Study: Maryland, Virginia Millennials Spending Big Bucks on Fast FoodWhat guilty pleasures are young people spending their money on? Alcohol, caffeine and junk food, according to a new report.
Anthony Rendon Hates 'Transformers' Movies, Likes Double Decker TacosAnthony Rendon of the Washington Nationals hates 'Transformers' movies and talks about his taco preferences.
Man Charged With DWI After Impersonating Police Officer at Taco Bell Drive-ThruA Maryland man who allegedly impersonated a police officer after refusing to pull forward at a fast-food drive thru has been charged with DWI.
McDonald's CEO: Rival Not Hurting Breakfast Biz McDonald's apparently isn't scared by a waffle taco.
Taco Bell Takes Aim at McDonald's With BreakfastTaco Bell is readying for the launch of its national breakfast menu on March 27, with items such as the A.M. Crunchwrap designed to appeal to its fan base of younger men.
Man Hospitalized from Shooting Outside Taco Bell in Falls ChurchA shooting outside a Taco Bell in Falls Church Saturday morning has left one man hospitalized, police say.
Taco Bell Expanding Test of Waffle Taco, BreakfastTaco Bell says it's expanding its small test of waffle tacos, as it prepares to take its breakfast menu national sometime next year.
D.C. Shuts Down 9 Restaurants Over Sales Taxes The District of Columbia has shut down nine restaurants because city officials say their owner failed to pay nearly $500,000 in sales taxes.
Taco Bell Customers Get Cash Instead of Food Three people who ordered food at a Taco Bell drive-thru in western Michigan got something more valuable: cash.

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