Virginia to Get $321,000 in Settlement With T-MobileVirginia will receive $321,000 from T-Mobile US over billing for unauthorized charges.
FTC: T-Mobile Made Millions in Bogus Charges T-MT-Mobile US became the target of a federal investigation and lawsuit Tuesday amid allegations that it bilked potentially hundreds of millions of dollars from its customers in fraudulent charges.
4 Major Phone Carriers Providing Text-to-911 The four major U.S. wireless phone companies are providing emergency texting 911 service to any local government that wants it and has the capability to use it as of this month, a big step toward moving the nation's emergency dispatch system out of the voice-only technology that dates to the 1960s.
Man Dies After Crashing Car Into T-Mobile Store Fairfax police say a man has died after crashing his car into a cellphone store.
Big 4 Cellphone Carriers Unite on Anti-Texting AdsThe country's four biggest cellphone companies are set to launch their first joint advertising campaign against texting while driving.
FCC: 'Big Four' Wireless Carriers Allow 911 Dials Via Text MessageThe four largest wireless phone carriers have agreed to relay text messages to 911 emergency call centers in 2014.

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