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Pentagon: ISIS Loses Ground In Iraq, Makes Gains In Syria

The Pentagon says that while Islamic State militants have lost control of up to 6,500 square miles in Iraq, they have gained a bit of ground in Syria since last August.


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‘Beyond Inhumane': Palestinian Refugee Camp In Syrian Capital Under Attack By ISIS

Shelling and sporadic clashes struck a Palestinian refugee camp under attack by Islamic extremists in the Syrian capital Monday, a situation that a U.N. official described as “beyond inhumane.”


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US, Canadian Med Students Traveled to Syria Territory Controlled By Islamic State, Lawmaker Says

A Turkish opposition lawmaker said Monday that an American and a Canadian are among a group of doctors and medical students believed to have traveled from Turkey into territory in Syria controlled by the Islamic State group.


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Monitoring Group: ISIS Kidnaps At Least 220 Christians In Syria

Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants have seized more than 200 Assyrian Christians in raids on about 10 villages in northeast Syria this week, a monitoring group said Thursday.


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Poll: 57 Percent Of Americans Favor Sending US Troops Into Iraq, Syria To Battle ISIS

A new poll finds that for the first time a majority of Americans would favor sending U.S. troops to battle the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.


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Former CIA Official: ISIS’ Brand Spreading At Speed Much Greater Than Al Qaeda’s Ever Has

A former CIA official warns that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria’s brand is spreading much faster than al Qaeda’s ever has.



Assad: Syrian Gov’t Receiving General Messages From US Military About Airstrikes Targeting ISIS

Syria’s President Bashar Assad said in comments published Tuesday that his government has been receiving general messages from the American military about airstrikes targeting the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) inside Syria but that there is no direct cooperation.


As Washington warns of a drawn-out fight against the Islamic State group and the Obama administration looks to send more American troops to help Iraq in the war against the extremists, Baghdad has offered its top war room as a model for a future joint U.S.-Iraqi command headquarters.   (credit: Gokhan Sahin/Getty Images)

Islamic State Hostage’s Family Hopeful She’s Still Alive

The parents of a 26-year-old American who Islamic State extremists say was killed in an airstrike in Syria said in a statement that they were still hopeful she was alive.


Marc (L) and Debra (R) Tice, the parents of Austin Tice, 31, a US journalist who has been missing in Syria since August 2012, speak to an AFP journalist during an interview in Beirut on July 4, 2013. Debra Tice wakes up each morning hoping her life will have changed and the 11 months since her son Austin disappeared in Syria will turn out to have been a bad dream. But since she and her husband Marc learnt that their 31-year-old first-born had gone missing while reporting in the war-torn country, not a single morning has given her that relief.        (Photo credit JOSEPH EID/AFP/Getty Images)

White House Asked to Help Journalist Held in Syria

The parents of a missing journalist detained in Syria and the press freedom group Reporters Without Borders are calling on the White House to help bring the journalist home safely.



ISIS Demands $200M In Ransom In Next 72 Hours For Japanese Hostages

A video released online Tuesday by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) shows two purported Japanese hostages on their knees, as a man wielding a large knife says they will be executed unless the group receives $200 million in ransom in the next 72 hours.