President Trump: U.S. Launches ‘Precision Strikes’ In Syria
Report: Syrians With Fake Passports 'Issued' In ISIS Controlled Cities May Have Traveled To USThe Islamic State of Iraq and Syria reportedly have the capability to print fake passports with their own machines.
Poll: 66 Percent Of Americans Don't Believe Obama Has Clear Plan Dealing With ISISA new poll finds that a majority of Americans don’t think President Barack Obama has a clear plan to defeat the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.
Hillary Clinton: 'Would Be A Mistake' To Send Troops Into Syria Even If US Suffers ISIS Terror AttackHillary Rodham Clinton vowed to keep American troops out of Syria in a sweeping foreign policy address, saying she would resist sending forces to fight Islamic State of Iraq and Syria militants even if there's another terrorist attack within the U.S.
Trump: Obama Is Sending Syrian Refugees To Republican StatesPresidential candidate Donald Trump is going after President Barack Obama claiming the administration is sending Syrian refugees to Republican states.
Sen. Ben Cardin: Keep Maryland Open to Refugees, ISIS Will Not Slip ThroughAs a growing number of governors, including Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, say they do not want Syrian refugees entering their states, Sen. Ben Cardin says he wants the doors to Maryland to stay open.
House Speaker Paul Ryan Calls For 'Pause' In Syrian RefugeesHouse Speaker Paul Ryan called Tuesday for a "pause" in Syrian refugees coming to the U.S. in the wake of the Paris attacks, and assembled a task force to bring legislation to a vote as soon as this week.
Ex-CIA Chief: War On ISIS 'Under-Resourced And Over-Regulated'Former CIA Director Michael Hayden urges a larger effort against the Islamic militant fighters in Syria and Iraq.
Islamic State Could Ultimately Force West To Consider InvasionSo far, policy makers and experts tend to focus on incremental steps, and indeed the initial French response was more airstrikes.
French Launch Airstrikes Against ISIS in SyriaFrance dropped bombs on ISIS targets in Syria two days after the terror attacks that killed at least 129 and injured more than 350, a French defense official tells CBS News.
Loudoun County Collecting Blankets for Syria RefugeesLoudoun County is helping to collect blankets and children's winter coats for refugees fleeing violence in Syria.
US Official: We're 'Really Sure' 'Jihadi John' Killed In Drone Strike In SyriaA U.S. official told CBS News Friday that while they couldn't completely confirm the death of Mohamed Emwazi, they were virtually certain he was killed as got into a vehicle in the Syrian city of Raqqa.

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