surveillance drones

File photo of drone surveillance. (Credit: John Moore/Getty Images)

Combat Stress Felt Far From Front Lines

The gritty combat in Afghanistan is thousands of miles away. But the analysts in the cavernous room at Langley Air Force Base in Virginia relive the explosions, the carnage and the vivid after-battle assessments of the bombings over and over again.


Credit: RAYMOND ROIG/AFP/Getty Images

Va. Bill Targets Airborne ‘Drones’ That Spy on Hunters

A Virginia lawmaker is trying to shoot down unmanned “drone” aircraft that might prowl the skies over private lands snooping on hunters below.


File photo of a drone. (Photo by Uriel Sinai/Getty Images)

Study: Americans Support ‘Some’ Domestic Drones, Strongly Against Use By Local Police

A study conducted by Monmouth University in New Jersey finds that Americans support some drone use.



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