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Science Magazine Retracts Study on Voters’ Gay-Rights Views

Science magazine has formally retracted an article about a study gauging the ability of openly gay canvassers to shift voters’ views toward support for same-sex marriage.


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Study Reveals Flaws in Gene Testing; Results Often Conflict

The first report from a big public-private project to improve genetic testing reveals it is not as rock solid as many people believe.


Human bones are pictured during excavation work at the Bedlam burial ground in London on March 17, 2015. Archaeologists in London have begun digging up some 3,000 historic skeletons including those of plague victims from a burial ground that will become a new train station, the company in charge said. Crossrail, which is building a major new east-west train line in London, said the dig near Liverpool Street station was being carried out on its behalf by the Museum of London's archaeology unit. AFP PHOTO / JUSTIN TALLIS        (Photo credit should read JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP/Getty Images)

Study: Ethiopian Fossils Indicate New Forerunner of Humans

A fossil find adds another twig to the human evolutionary tree, giving further evidence that the well-known “Lucy” species had company in what is now Ethiopia, a new study says.


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Here’s How to Get That Annoying Song Out of Your Head

Can’t get that T-Swift song out of your head? A new study says there’s a simple solution: chew gum.


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D.C. Suburb Rated Second Most Diverse City in the U.S.

A new study names Germantown as the second most diverse city in the country.



Eye-Opener: U.S. Teens Getting Less & Less Sleep, Study Shows

U.S. teens are getting sleepier: Many lack even seven hours of shut-eye each night and the problem has worsened over two decades, a study found.


Students Throw Graduation Hats

Baltimore Makes Top 10 Best Cities for Non-College Grads

Those without a college degree may want to consider living in Baltimore, Maryland.


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Students Describe Anguish of Being Without Their Phones for 24 Hours

It all began when 200 University of Maryland students were asked by their professor to go without their phones and all media for 24 hours for an experiment in 2010.


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Baltimore Makes Top 10 Priciest Zip Codes for Car Insurance

If your car insurance rate is through the roof, your ZIP code may be to blame.


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Study: Tequila is Good for Your Health and Your Diet

Margarita sippers and tequila lovers rejoice! Researchers say tequila is good for your health and your new year’s diet.