Obama Wants National Movement Calling For Free Community CollegeUnable to have his way with Congress, President Barack Obama reached back to his roots as a community organizer and sought Wednesday to spark a national movement in support of his idea for free community college.
Feds Lay Out Plan For College Rating System: Good, Bad, AverageA new rating plan for U.S. colleges from the U.S. Department of Education will divide schools into broad categories of good, bad and average based upon affordability, graduation rates and student loan repayment rates.
Who Is Eligible For Student Loan Forgiveness?The federal Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program (PSLF) is an incentive for these graduates to consider taking jobs in public service areas.
Senior Americans Burdened With Student DebtRosemary Anderson could be 81 by the time she pays off her student loans. After struggling with divorce, health problems and an underwater home mortgage, the 57-year-old anticipates there could come a day when her Social Security benefits will be docked to make the payments.
Senate GOP Blocks 'Buffett Rule' Student Loan Bill Senate Republicans on Wednesday blocked legislation aimed at letting people refinance their student loans at lower rates, a pre-ordained outcome that gave Democrats a fresh election-year talking point against the GOP.
Obama: Rising College Costs, Loans Have Trapped US Middle ClassPresident Barack Obama says the rising costs of college have left America's middle class feeling trapped. He says no hard-working youngster in America should be priced out of a higher education.
Report: 40 Percent Of $1 Trillion US Student Loan Debt From Graduate DegreesThe rapidly swelling cost of student loan debt is not being inflated simply by unaffordable undergraduate and associate degrees – 40 percent of the $1 trillion in outstanding student loan debt paid for expensive post-graduate and professional degrees.
Study: Millennials Forging Optimistic Future Despite Failing Financial BehaviorYoung American adults, Millennials, are forging their own optimistic way into adulthood through a detachment to politics and religion, distrust of others, and low levels of financial literacy.
Study: Student Borrowing Continues To Skyrocket, Repayment DeclinesAmerican students continue to borrow more and more money to pay for increasing college costs, but the number of graduates paying them back is declining.
DC Ranked 3rd Smartest City in USD.C. is America's third smartest large city, according to rankings released Tuesday by the real estate blog Movoto.com.
Study: Record 1 Out Of 5 Households Owe Student Loan DebtA new study found that a record 1 out of 5 households now owe student loan debt.

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